Everyone looks forward to putting the pandemic behind us. And as the economy returns to some level of normalcy, there is an opportunity to reinvent traditional processes, become more efficient, and provide better services.

Real Time Location Services (RTLS) are so much more than tracking an item on a map. For every initial deployment, AiRISTA has worked with customers to find many more RTLS use cases. Let’s take your SD&CT investment and apply those tags to new used cases to accelerate your operations.

Proximity Detection                                                               proximity

Like Social Distancing, the tags can report when objects come near each other. Place 2 tags on objects and determine when they come near or separate. Here are some examples.

Or when people come near objects or areas

  • Associate an operator with a piece of equipment: compliance and accountability
  • Keep high value assets near: ensure keys, laptops, test equipment stays near the employee
  • Associate a worker with a work cell: activity logging
  • Associate a patient with equipment: traceability and utilization

Location Tracking                                                                 Location

We can leverage the BLE radio in some Access Points to detect tags in the vicinity. In cases where access points do not have the BLE support, AF provides small, inexpensive gateways to augment your wireless infrastructure.

  • “Nearest available”: find the closest available asset
  • PAR level accounting: ensure sufficient inventory on a hospital ward
  • Workflow adherence: track utilization, calibration, sterilization
  • Zonal boundaries: ensure people/assets stay within (or outside of) predefined boundaries
  • Personnel dispatch: summon the nearest appropriate resource

Staff Safety                                                                           Safety

As the world’s #1 provider of 2-way communicating staff safety devices, AiRISTA staff safety solutions have been applied to create use cases in some of the most demanding environments.

Emerging Use Cases                                                            Future    

AiRISTA is investing heavily in BLE technology. In addition to the consumerization of BLE which drives costs down, BLE continues to improve performance and open new use cases. BLE 5.0 provides communication over greater distances. And the recent introduction of BLE 5.1 allows for increased accuracy and tracking in 3 dimensions. Our deployment models reduce the required infrastructure and simplify the layout. We believe these advancements begin to coalesce use cases previously relegated to LoRa and UWB.

  • BLE 5.1 submeter accuracy: smart tool settings, tool tracking within bins
  • BLE 5.1 vertical location: inventory on shelves, construction sites


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