Drastically Reduce Incidents With A Patient Wandering System

Strike the right balance between the safety of our seniors and their need for independence.

AiRISTA’s Sofia platform with wander management enables an easy-to-use platform for viewing patient status and location. It provides defined geofence boundaries and immediate notification of entry/exit and dwell time with an immediate and accurate location of patients when events do occur.

Our real-time location system (RTLS) and wander management solution can help prevent patients from roaming into restricted areas, alert staff to falls and assist patients and employees during emergency evacuations.

Challenges faced by healthcare facilities without a patient wandering system

Patient wandering is a constant threat in any healthcare facility, particularly in memory care units. There are many different types of threats, such as:

  • Wandering into unintended areas.
  • Slips, trips and falls.
  • Emergency evacuations.

Our RTLS solution can help in all of these situations with a wander management solution and customizable tags.

Our tags can also be equipped to detect falls and immediately alert staff.

If there’s an evacuation, you can track each resident with wearable tags to ensure everyone is accounted for. The software can detect how many of your patients have mustered and if any are missing. You can then alert staff to find that person. Of course, you’ll already know where they are because they’re wearing an RTLS tag, making them easy to retrieve.


Patients suffering from dementia and related illness need to be allowed to move about while being monitored for leaving defined areas.
Using AiRISTA’s RTLS solution, healthcare providers can improve patient and family experiences as well as help facilities identify undesirable movements and exits.

Watch and pendent style patient tags provide a comfortable, easy-to-wear, rechargeable, battery replaceable or disposable patient device providing real-time location and alarmable from the device and location (geofence, exit/entry).

How a patient wandering alarm
system prevents roaming

Our RTLS solution can greatly help to prevent incidents related to patient roaming.

For example, say you have patients who are at risk of moving into restricted areas, such as near the exit. The software will detect that the patient wearing the tag has entered an area they’re not supposed to be in.

What happens next depends on the rules you set in place. Powerful rules created by the user alert the most appropriate staff. Integrations with third-party systems allow you to automatically:

  • Lock the door so the patient is incapable of progressing further.
  • Alarm specific staff or activate a nurse call.
  • Play a recorded voice to the patient of a familiar person asking them to return to their room.
  • You can customize what happens as you see fit.

Customer Experience

A large geriatric living facility uses the AiRISTA A1 pendant tag to provide entry / exit notification and facility geofencing for dementia patients. This can be combined with the sofia Patient Flow workflow module for easy alerting of any restricted entry or exit as well as a personal alarming device.

Fully integrated with the B4n Personnel tag, alerts are immediately available to the closest caregiver instantly. You can even implement our RTLS solution with your existing nurse call system.

How is a tag attached to a patient?

Tags can be attached to a patient in a variety of ways — and can be made impossible for the wandering patient to remove.

For example, one of our varieties of tags has a hole for a shoelace to loop through. This can be especially useful for a wandering resident. Others are worn around the neck like a pendant, around the wrist or clipped to a belt.

What should I consider when choosing a patient wandering system?

You’ll want a system that grows with your changing needs. We have a wide range of tags with different price points and features, all customized for an intended use. Our tags are ideal for a wandering patient, and for staff or visitors.

Make your healthcare facility a safer place for patients, staff and visitors alike

Whatever you want to get out of a patient wandering system, AiRISTA can help create a solution for you with modifiable rules. Make your facility safer for every resident, staff member and visitor by preventing wandering and other potentially harmful incidents.

Contact us today to discover how we can make your healthcare facility a safer place.

Deployment Details

  • Management Platform: AiRISTA sofia
  • Infrastructure: Existing Cisco WiFi infrastructure
  • Asset RTLS Tags: AiRISTA W4 WiFi/BLE Tag, A3 WiFi/BLE pendent tag and B4n WiFi/BLE Staff Tag
  • Integrations: HL-7, ADT
  • Deployment time: 7 days

AiRISTA’s RTLS Buyer’s Guide

To help you get a clear understanding of RTLS systems and what they’re capable of, we’ve created a comprehensive buyer’s guide.