Government Asset Tracking Software & Personnel Safety Solutions

Optimize asset management, tracking and utilization while increasing personnel safety.

AiRISTA’s government asset management software and staff safety solutions enable real-time location monitoring, user defined workflows, automated alerts and much more.

Government Asset Management

Whether it’s the federal, state or local government, all agencies strive to improve accountability and deliver higher levels of service to their constituents. This often requires efforts to:

Improve patient outcomes with healthcare providers.

Maximize utilization of military assets and resources.

Enhance process flow and accountability in administrative functions.

Improve worker safety in dangerous environments and situations.

Increase levels of physical security and surveillance in prison systems.

AiRISTA’s Asset Tracking Solution – Insights from Location, Sensing, & Automation™

Governments around the world are rapidly increasing its use of RTLS and related RTLS and AIDC technologies as the benefits of enhanced visibility and accountability become more widely known.

From federal to local levels of government, the use of RTLS is providing a growing benefit to the public. Constituents are able to reap the rewards of this tech through better safety and security, higher quality goods, lower prices, greater convenience, and faster response times.

AiRISTA enables your official government organization to accomplish all this and more with our breadth of solutions, including:

  • Government Asset Tracking – From GPS to Wi-Fi and BLE® tags, AiRISTA has the equipment you need to monitor the real-time location of valuable assets. For instance, the Department of Public Works can use asset tracking solutions to easily locate fleet vehicles.
  • Inventory Management – In addition to tracking, AiRISTA’s asset management software provides visibility into your inventory system, allowing you to keep an asset record of where things are and where they’ve been. This includes tracking food supplies at the Department of Agriculture to government assets deemed critical at the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Asset Utilization and Maintenance – AiRISTA’s government solutions can also help your organization develop an effective and efficient asset management plan. By monitoring the health of physical assets, you get forewarning on potential issues or repairs, enabling you to implement a preventive maintenance schedule that minimizes disruptions.
  • Staff Safety and Personnel Tracking – Set up an instant track-and-trace solution to get real-time location information on staff and personnel operating in unpredictable environments. Whether it’s coordinating with first responders, verifying an ID tag, or locating patients or prisoners, AiRISTA’s wearable tags can help you maximize safety in any incident.

AiRISTA is an innovative world leader in RTLS asset tracking solutions, transforming location data into actionable insights and strategic value. We’ve worked with multiple departments in the United States Government, primarily in the healthcare sector, tracking everything from critical assets to people.

AiRISTA RTLS solutions are also made in the United States or another NATO country, meaning they are TAA-compliant and meet Department of Defense RTLS requirements.

Some of our RTLS customers include:

  • Veterans Administration (VA) VISN1, VISN10.
  • Over 30 Department of Defense hospitals, covering all armed forces health facilities.
  • State and local education departments (SLED).
  • Department of Corrections.

AiRISTA also has best-in-class integrations with:

  • Cisco Systems.
  • HP-Aruba.
  • Juniper.
  • AT&T.
  • Ruckus.

As the trusted experts in RTLS, AiRISTA has the software and equipment you need to effectively track assets, optimize utilization and improve staff safety with wearable devices.

AiRISTA – Improving Government Services

When you deploy AiRISTA’s government asset tracking software and devices, you unlock real-time, actionable location insights to help your agency improve accountability, efficiency and constituent service levels across the board.

Our robust RTLS system takes your organization’s asset management to the next level, with unique solutions designed for specific government services, from healthcare and administration to military and correctional systems.

With AiRISTA’s government asset management system, you get access to critical features like:

Access Control

Government organizations need to keep a tight grip on who can access specific spaces, technology, information and more. AiRISTA’s RFID tags enable fast and easy identification, in addition to instant notifications for access anomalies. That way, officials can ensure critical assets and data remain secure from unauthorized access.

Electronic Monitoring for Criminal Justice and Corrections

Working in correctional facilities and border control inherently comes with a certain level of risk and danger. Therefore, it’s essential to know where staff and prisoners are at all times. AiRISTA offers tamper-resistant, wearable BLE® wrist straps for both indoor and outdoor use. These durable yet comfortable tags allow criminal justice institutions to track inmates and improve staff safety. And insights at the border allow control staff to manage larger populations with fewer resources.

Shipment & Cargo Container Tracking

The United States Government is responsible for shipping countless critical assets all over the world through cargo containers. AiRISTA’s wide range of RTLS tags allows agencies to keep track of these vital shipments with real-time location information. Not only does this improve inventory management and maintenance, but it also allows organizations to optimize asset utilization.

Safety and Personnel Tracking

Some government personnel must operate in dangerous, dynamic environments, putting their safety at risk. AiRISTA’s wearable RTLS devices come with a panic button as well as man-down detection to signal for immediate backup during times of distress or emergencies. With this immediate SOS system, staff can rest easy knowing they’re protected in vulnerable situations.

Workflow & Process Automation

Gone are the days of spreadsheets and the paper-based asset management system. AiRISTA’s powerful government software solutions eliminate these time-consuming, repetitive manual tasks by automating asset tracking and management workflows. This reduces human error, improves regulatory compliance, and maximizes efficiency for your agency.

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AiRISTA’s RTLS Buyer’s Guide

To help you get a clear understanding of RTLS systems and what they’re capable of, we’ve created a comprehensive buyer’s guide.