About Us

Drive business value, optimize process flows, and maximize personnel safety with AiRISTA indoor location services and technology. Generate high return on investment in industries such as healthcare, industrial, government, and education

Our solutions help businesses

Track assets and locations over time

Locate people and things in real time

Alert and respond to employees in duress situations

Remotely monitor environmental conditions

Ensure process execution and adherence to best practice

The resulting business value includes:

  • Reduction in unplanned downtime
  • Improved asset utilization rates, reduced need for spares
  • Increase personnel safety to comply with regulations
  • Reduce healthcare infections through hand hygiene compliance
  • Efficient Management of WIP
  • Utilization-based equipment maintenance schedules



We centralize location visibility of your most trusted resources to ensure staff safety, make efficient use of assets, and improve process flow across the enterprise.


As billions of resources become IOT enabled, location information becomes a fundamental attribute. To make sense of location information requires a platform to turn location insights into business value.

Why Airista?

AiRISTA delivers an enterprise real-time location system that interconnects and reveals insights across all areas and departments in your organization. The benefits of this approach include:

Architectural control from tag firmware to cloud computing

Location insights to existing busines applications

Increased value of existing technology investments

The departmental approach to managing smart devices hides the potential enterprisewide benefits of developing an IoT platform approach and implementing a strategy.”

Gregg Pessin, Gartner

Trusted RTLS Experts

  • Hundreds of customers worldwide, across a variety of departments
  • Deep understanding of business processes and best practice sharing
  • Quantifiable results drive the metrics used to determine success
  • KPIs, ROI, MBOs are used as accountability measures
  • Disproportional investments in R&D to help customers stay competitive
  • Large patent portfolio including fundamental patents 10+ years of continuous profitable growth
  • Healthcare, Industrial, Hospitality, Government, Education

Patents and patent families owned and/or licensed by AiRISTA
Patents and patent families owned and/or licensed by AiRISTA

Deep Patent Portfolio

AiRISTA’s deep patent portfolio holds significant value by providing a competitive edge in the business landscape.

  • As a deterrent it provides a defensive mechanism against potential legal threats and infringement claims from competitors.
  • It enhances AiRISTA’s bargaining power in negotiations and partnerships, facilitating the creation of mutually beneficial collaborations.
  • Our deep patent portfolio is leveraged for strategic licensing opportunities fostering innovative ecosystems.

The strategic accumulation of patents strengthens AiRISTA’s position in the market, safeguarding its intellectual property and fostering long-term growth and sustainability.

 “As a technology driven company, AiRISTA’s innovations set us apart through vibrant ecosystems and our strong defensive posture.” Sy Sajjad, founder & CEO.

Our Partners

We team up with an ecosystem of partners to deliver high-performance solutions for our clients.

Leading Wi-Fi Infrastructure Vendors
Technology collaboration and joint marketing.

Enterprise Application Vendors
Location awareness is extended to the application through software interfaces.

Device Manufacturers
“Soft tags” puts the intellignence of of our RTLS tags into 3rd party devices.

Resellers & Systems Integrators
Regional and worldwide partners, as well as domain specific experts.