AiRISTA’s Cutting-Edge Hardware Solutions for Precise Location Tracking

Real-time Monitoring

As the leader in Real Time Location System (RTLS) technology, AiRISTA has a comprehensive suite of hardware solutions for asset tracking, personnel safety, temperature monitoring and more. 

Combined with AiRISTA’s sofia® software platform, our RTLS system provides a true end-to-end location data solution.

Wireless Infrastructure

AiRISTA works with most major wireless infrastructure vendors to help leverage your existing technology investments. When additional capabilities are needed, we have a portfolio of infrastructure to provide the appropriate solution for each area of your enterprise. Our RTLS infrastructure includes beacons, gateways, and antennas. AiRISTA invests heavily in R&D to make the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) available. Designed in-house, our infrastructure is configured and managed from our RTLS software solution, sofia.

Wearable Tags

AiRISTA’s complete portfolio of wearable tags from low cost BLE tags for patients and customers progressing to full featured personnel badges with multi-radio support and a message display. All wearable tags include a button for duress events or to drive workflows. Wearable tags are used to alert to panic events, patient flow, wander management, contractor accountability, and more. Tags have replaceable or rechargeable batteries and are worn on a wrist strap or lanyard. AiRISTA’s sofia RTLS software platform communicates with all tags for remote configuration and management.

Embedded Sensors

AiRISTA combines location and condition to automate temperature, humidity and motion detection. Remote condition monitoring eliminates manual recording and possible human error. Automated alerts to temperature excursions are delivered based on user defined rules and notifications. A variety of temperature probes provide flexibility for a wide range of temperatures. Motion sensing alerts to movement of assets or periods of inactivity. Motion sensing also helps conserve battery life when an asset might not move for long periods of time.

Asset Tags

AiRISTA’s complete portfolio of asset tags from low cost BLE tags to multibutton tags with BLE and Wi-Fi used to trigger events and multistep workflows. Asset tags support a variety of locating technologies including proximity, signal strength, angle of arrival, and high accuracy distance measurement. This means a single tag can accommodate a variety of use cases like choke point detection, trilateration for x, y location, submeter accuracy, and tracking in the vertical dimension. Tags have replaceable or rechargeable batteries and can be attached with straps, ties, or industrial tape. AiRISTA’s sofia RTLS software platform communicates with all tags for remote configuration and management.

Hardware Solution

Optimize your resource utilization and keep your operations running smoothly with real-time location insight for assets and equipment. 

AiRISTA offers a family of asset tags leveraging both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) to communicate over your existing wireless infrastructure. Tag sensors alert to changes in conditions, such as temperature, humidity and motion. AiRISTA’s sofia software platform allows customers to create custom workflows to monitor zone violations, presence/absence, motion/stillness, par levels, and duress events.

As leaders in Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), AiRISTA’s asset tracking solutions provide X, Y, Z coordinates with sub-meter location accuracy as well as precision. 


The BLE Asset tag is a small form factor BLE tag used to track assets with improvements in cost, longevity, and distance. The tag is also a BLE receiver and scans for neighboring beacons, facilitating use cases such as association of  people to things. Includes an accelerometer for improved response. Read or Download the Data Sheet.


The 1-Button Asset tag is designed to monitor assets within a Wi-Fi or BLE network environment. It offers multiple options to generate alerts on environmental and condition sensing. With a small yet rugged water-resistant form factor, the 1-Button Asset tag can be affixed to virtually any piece of equipment or fixture indoors or outdoors for enterprise-wide tracking. Read or Download the Data Sheet.


The 2-Button Asset tag is an active location tracking tag operating over standards-based, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi or BLE networks. In conjunction with the AiRISTA UVS software, the tag enables location tracking of virtually any asset or object. This tag operates on standard networks and does not require any extra infrastructure beyond your enterprise Wi-Fi or BLE network. Read or Download the Data Sheet.


AiRISTA’s A7 beaconing tag is a small form factor BLE tag. With breakthroughs in cost, longevity and distance, this tag opens exciting use cases across multiple industries. Read or Download the Data Sheet.


The AiRISTA A67 asset tag is ideally suited for tracking assets in harsh outdoor environments or when in transit. The A67 provides GPS tracking together with cellular connectivity for visibility around the globe. As a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) gateway, the tag provides indoor location and collects telemetry from area sensors. Read or Download the Data Sheet.

Workplaces are experiencing an increase in risks and threats to the physical safety of both guests and employees.

With AiRISTA’s innovative line of staff safety tags, employees in distress can send an instant alert that provides accurate and precise location information. Customer-defined response rules in AiRISTA’s sofia software platform ensure the right people are notified and able to escalate with the push of a button. Meanwhile, sofia records all activity to reconstruct the event and continuously improve your response.

Be confident about your emergency response plan and rest easy knowing your employees are secure with AiRISTA’s comprehensive staff safety solution.


The BLE Personnel tag is a small form factor BLE tag used to track personnel with improvements in cost, longevity, and distance. The tag is also a BLE receiver and scans for neighboring beacons, facilitating use cases that associate people to things. Includes an accelerometer for improved response. Read or Download the Data Sheet.


The AiRISTA B4n badge tag is a safety device which generates alerts in response to staff duress events. The tag sends the ID and location of the individual to AiRISTA’s software platform which directs responders to the scene using the text display. These badges are similar in size and shape of typical ID badges and are attached using an AiRISTA provided clip. Read or Download the Data Sheet.


The AiRISTA Soft-tag is available to OEMs who want to include real time location tracking (RTLS) capabilities in their devices. Embedding tag firmware in devices like smart phones, infusion pumps, monitors, and other mobile assets improves equipment utilization, process flow, and staff safety. As millions of IoT devices come online, the Soft-tag makes it easy to add location insights as a fundamental attribute.  Read or Download the Data Sheet.

Automate temperature monitoring and recording with instant alerts of any excursions.

AiRISTA’s family of temperature monitoring tags, combined with our sofia software platform, provides a comprehensive solution for all manner of applications. Nearly all of our tags include continuous ambient temperature sensing for equipment and spaces, and our external probes are perfect for refrigerators and freezers. With custom reports and excursion alerts from sofia, you can eliminate the headaches of continuous manual monitoring.

Whether you’re tracking for compliance for medication records or to reduce wasted material like pre-preg, AiRISTA’s RTLS solutions offer in-depth insight into temperature and location.

AiRISTA Temperature Sensors TS1 TS2

Wi-Fi Temperature Monitoring and Reporting

The AiRISTA temperature monitoring solution provides an automated way of measuring and monitoring temperature ranges using wireless transmitters. The AiRISTA TS1 Temperature Sensor tag has an external probe that can be installed inside the unit where temperature is being measured. The AiRISTA TS2 Dual Temperature Sensor contains two separate probes for monitoring and measuring temperatures from the single sensor, which lowers the total cost of deployment. Read or Download the Data Sheet.

AiRISTA HS1 Humidity Sensor image

Wi-Fi Humidity Monitoring and Reporting

The AiRISTA HS1 provides an automated way to measure and monitor the relative humidity and surrounding temperatures. Combined with AiRISTA’s sofia RTLS software platform, the solution automatically alerts when the humidity or temperature of the monitored environment goes outside a predefined range. Read or Download the Data Sheet.

AiRISTA empowers you to track resources across your existing wireless infrastructure — but when your needs extend beyond the capabilities of their wireless networks, we’re still here to help.

Our solutions can help cover your entire campus or facility with the high level of accuracy required. AiRISTA beacons provide proximity detection at choke points like entryways, and we carry other devices to bridge the gap between BLE and Wi-Fi networks. We’re also the experts in sub-meter location accuracy with a portfolio of infrastructure solutions designed to deliver the right RTLS insights at the appropriate price point toachieve the business results you need.

No matter your needs, AiRISTA is well-equipped to support and expand your existing wireless infrastructure with innovative technologies.

AiRISTA BLE Angle of Arrival Gateway


AiRISTA’s Angle of Arrival Gateway applies the latest Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology in a compact design to provide location insights of people and assets to under 1 meter of accuracy. Read or Download the Data Sheet.


BLE Beaconing Gateway UNIT

AiRISTA’s Beaconing Gateway Unit (BGU) is a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) transceiver to interface Ethernet networks.  

As a BLE transmitter, the BGU functions as a standard BLE beacon supporting iBeacon, Eddystone and AiRISTA’s proprietary protocols. As a BLE receiver, the BGU scans for nearby BLE devices relaying details to the AiRISTA RTLS software platform, sofia. The sofia platform determines proximity distances as well as location determination when collected from multiple BGU reference points. Read or Download the Data Sheet.


The AiRISTA G3 gateway provides Wi-Fi network access for BLE tags. The low cost and long battery life of BLE tags make them desirable, but to exchange data over Wi-Fi networks they need a gateway device between BLE networks and Wi-Fi networks. This facilitates use cases like choke point detection, telemetry exchange and proximity detection for social distancing. G3 has a built in temperature and humidity sensor. Read or Download the Data Sheet.

AiRISTA’s RTLS Buyer’s Guide

To help you get a clear understanding of RTLS systems and what they’re capable of, we’ve created a comprehensive buyer’s guide.