Our services team also prepares you to manage the solution with a rich set of maintenance tools and the Flow Studio design studio for low-code integration and workflow design.


Stakeholder engagement and IT architecture readiness ensures we address the needs of the business

  • Needs assessment
  • Gap analysis
  • Comprehensive work plan


Efficiency and thoroughness minimize disruptions

  • Oversight systems
  • Dashboards, workflows, reports, integrations
  • Stakeholder checkpoints, training


Extend value to the broader enterprise

  • Best Practice sharing
  • Location insights become pervasive


Lets understand your business objectives and how users will interact with the RTLS platform. We help guide you to the best combination of technology, devices, and process workflows to get the most value from the solution. Together we develop a statement of work that clearly defines the steps and measurable outcomes.


We help you integrate to the sensors and applications critical to your business operation to extend location insights to the enterprise. AiRISTA’s Flow Studio component of the sofia RTLS software platform puts the power of integration in the customers’ hands. The low-code design studio allows the customer to create custom connectors, application integrations and complex workflows is a drag & drop environment. And we can lead the integration and train your team in the process.


Let us help you leverage best practices from hundreds of customer deployments. AiRISTA ensures the right fit between technology choices and business objectives. Based on a statement of work developed with each customer, our team of professionals can get your RTLS solution running quickly, reducing the time to value. And once complete, we stay with you to investigate opportunities to optimize and ensure your team feels comfortable with the solution.

3-step Deployment

AiRISTA’s RTLS (Real-Time Location System) is a simple three-step deployment process, managed by our experienced team of engineers who arrive on-site to ensure a seamless installation.

  • Step 1: Site Survey & Site Walk involves an on-site facility walkthrough, WLAN RF environment assessment using heat maps, and an RTLS readiness analysis.
  • Step 2: Rough-Order-of-Magnitude includes developing a statement of work outlining project objectives, success criteria, and team ownership. Accurate location mapping is created using blueprints/floor plans and location tracking tags are tested and activated on-site.
  • Step 3: Installation & Optimization provides professional project management on-site from start to finish to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. Our software platforms provide business intelligence that’s actionable, allowing you to quickly query and report results.

AiRISTA’s RTLS Buyer’s Guide

To help you get a clear understanding of RTLS systems and what they’re capable of, we’ve created a comprehensive buyer’s guide.