AiRISTA’s Healthcare RTLS Solutions

The AiRISTA sofia RTLS platform helps orchestrate hospital workflows with location insights and notifications to patients, staff and recourses. Take a self-guided tour through a virtual hospital and explore the ways RTLS location insights drive capacity management and improve the patient experience.

AiRISTA’s Solutions for healthcare

As one of the world’s leaders in RTLS healthcare solutions, AiRISTA provides
the following products and services.

Personnel Safety

AiRISTA’s RTLS Staff Safety solution provides an effective and efficient wearable device that allows users to broadcast instant alerts to security and nearby personnel.

Hospital Asset Tracking

Leverage your existing Wi-Fi networks to track assets such as medical equipment and supplies in real time. Optimize your material management and distribution teams.

Patient & Staff Flow

Manage patient flow in coordination with bed management and staff location.

Medical Temperature Monitoring System

Capture, log and monitor the temperature of patient rooms, refrigeration units, clinical labs, blood banks or other healthcare facilities with temperature monitoring systems.

Patient Safety & Elopement Prevention

Prevent senior citizen elopement at assisted living or nursing home with RTLS devices and solutions. Wearable RTLS badges can also improve patient safety.

Hygiene & Compliance Programs

Improve your hygiene and compliance efforts with location data on wearable badges. Ensure proper hygiene practices are followed and reduce the spread of disease within your facilities.

Real time locating systems
in healthcare

Using an RTLS solution in hospitals allows you to automatically track and identify devices and people within a facility, providing you with location and status information in real time. Using technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and others, RTLS can be used in a wide variety of applications. Each of the RTLS tags is connected via the local network, allowing them to be monitored through a digital platform that is easily accessible for staff anywhere in the hospital.

Using RTLS in healthcare environments has significant benefits for medical professionals and patients alike. Not only do device tags allow staff to quickly and conveniently locate vital equipment when it’s needed, but patient welfare and whereabouts can be monitored more carefully and precisely. This can be of utmost importance in circumstances where patients are at risk of falls or absconding.

Hospitals can take great advantage of RTLS due to the coverage of wireless technologies used. RTLS devices are well suited for campus environments or buildings segmented into multiple departments . Hospitals usually fit this profile, as they tend to be large, sprawling buildings that have been internally segmented into different wards and specialism areas with an existing network to connect to RTLS devices and software. The use of mobile RTLS devices such as wearable badges or tags can greatly increase the value of real time location tracking.

Other useful ways in which RTLS devices and systems can be valuable in healthcare include:

Immediately locating and managing asset locations.

Automated notifications for when assets have moved to or from a specific location.

Match staff and equipment to areas needed as needs change.

Quickly coordinating staff members during an emergency.

AiRISTA’s RTLS Buyer’s Guide

To help you get a clear understanding of RTLS systems and what they’re capable of, we’ve created a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

AiRISTA Making a Difference with Customers

At AiRISTA, our products and services have helped the healthcare industry improve operational efficiency and staff safety and management with healthcare RTLS solutions.

Here are some examples of the impact an RTLS system can have on a healthcare organization:

California State Hospitals

The California State Hospital system required a process that would improve staff safety while also allowing for better monitoring and tracking of staff members and important resources. Using AiRISTA’s line of healthcare specific RTLS products, the California State Hospital in Napa Valley was able to reduce the number of incidents and better protect team members.

Prisma Health

Prisma Health needed a way to provide instant visibility to hospital managers and administrators on the location of their equipment. Understanding where equipment was at any given time would allow managers and staff members to better coordinate patient flow and day-to-day workflows.

Using AiRISTA’s wireless RTLS tags, Prisma Health was able to enable asset tracking on their equipment across multiple facilities. The tags allow staff members to immediately locate over 1,000 infusion pumps and other medical equipment through web-accessible facility maps.

The maps not only give out a device’s physical location, but they also indicate the status and condition of the equipment. By looking at the asset tracking maps, staff members can see not only what equipment is accessible to use, but also which ones are in use, cleaned or otherwise available to use.

See what AiRISTA can do for you today

AiRISTA offers RTLS solutions that can be tailored to accommodate any budget or facility. Our specially designed system for RTLS solution management is adaptable to fulfill the specific needs and requirements of your medical facility. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our services will solve your challenges and pain points through a flexible, creative approach to problem solving.