AiRISTA solutions work with virtually any customer application or sensor through open APIs and the Flow Studio integration designer.

Your dedicated project manager develops a custom program plan based on findings during discovery. Best practices encourage a customer counterpart, often the person/team that takes responsibility for maintaining the solution after implementation. We work around your schedule to roll the solution out in your facilities. Much of the work is staged in advance to minimize time on site, and rich debug tools allow us to troubleshoot in the moment to resolve issues in real time. Tests are performed at each step and boundary conditions tested. 

To extract full value from the platform, we explore opportunities to integrate with existing applications that drive your processes. And we teach how to use Flow Studio, AiRISTA’s low-code design pallet where the power of integration is accessible to the layperson. Sharing location insights across the enterprise increases the value of your existing IT investments and can increase the return on your AiRISTA RTLS platform by 2x or more. 

Once deployed, we provide documentation and all the tools necessary for your team to take ownership. As part of our support services, we can assist as you become familiar with the platform and any questions you have along the way.

AiRISTA’s RTLS Buyer’s Guide

To help you get a clear understanding of RTLS systems and what they’re capable of, we’ve created a comprehensive buyer’s guide.