Solution Bundles

  • Asset Management
  • Personnel Use Cases
  • Environmental Monitoring

Combined as a bundle with the Unified Vision software platform, the bundles are available as subscription offers removing complexity from the delivery process.


AiRISTA offers a complete suite of Real-Time Location System hardware packaged with Unified Vision as a bundle offer.

  • Subscription pricing
  • Maintenance & support included
  • Renewals made easy

Explore Our Bundles

Asset Management

Asset Management – Bundle Subscription

  • Unified Vision Asset Tracking License Subscription         
  • Variety of Asset Tags Available
  •  Support and Maintenance


Staff Safety – Bundle Subscription

  • Unified Vision Staff Safety License Subscription
  • Hand Hygiene & Contact Tracing also Available as License Modules
  • Variety of Personnel Tags Available
  • Support and Maintenance

Protect Personnel From Variety of COVID Related Threats

BLE/Wi-Fi Interpreter Bundles

Interpreter – Bundle Subscription

  • Unified Vision Infrastructure License Subscription     
  • Interpreter Devices for BLE & Wi-Fi Environments
  • Support and Maintenance

AiRISTA’s RTLS Buyer’s Guide

To help you get a clear understanding of RTLS systems and what they’re capable of, we’ve created a comprehensive buyer’s guide.