Location Tracking Across The Delivery Chain

AiRISTA’s RTLS platform, sofia, unifies indoor and outdoor location tracking for a seamless view of assets. 

A multifunction asset tag combines BLE, GPS, and cellular technologies for continuous visibility.

Manage Assets As They Move Indoors & Outdoors


For a continuous view of assets, AiRISTA’s sofia platform uses cost effective BLE technology for indoor location leveraging customers’ wireless network infrastructure and low cost BLE tags. For goods in transit, the A67 multifunction asset tag acts as a BLE gateway, accounting for BLE tagged items in the vehicle.

The A67 tag also supports cellular connectivity to provide location as well as backhaul of the tag’s GPS coordinates. The tag’s eSIM supports 3rd party mobile carriers for cost effective mobility or choose from AiRISTA offered plans. The sofia platform can be delivered on-premises or from the cloud.

  • Simple map/zone management
  • Triggers for events/alerts
  • IK07 & IP69 rugged tag enclosure
  • Over-the-air management
  • Jolt/tip/route deviation detection
  • 10-year tag battery life

ETO Finished Goods Tracking

Engineered to order (ETO) products are custom built to the specifications of the customer. Visibility to their location and delivery progress is key to customer satisfaction. Delays in delivery can result in financial penalties. Some manufacturers have resorted to air-freight to meet deliveries erasing any margin on the sale.

The same applies to mobile personal storage units. Using low cost BLE tags and the indoor wireless infrastructure, storage units which may have been at rest for years can be located instantly, eliminating the need to write off the contents to compensate the owner. And when loaded on trucks for delivery, customers can track the location and estimated delivery date like they would an Amazon package.

Track Goods In Transit

Tracking from indoors to outdoors, the A67 tag seamlessly switches between traditional indoor location techniques to tracking techniques more appropriate for outdoors. The cellular radio provides outdoor backhaul as well as location when no GPS signal is available. As a BLE gateway, the A67 can track low cost BLE tagged items like boxes in a trailer. Using BLE proximity, the A67 tags can associate tractors with trailers.

Location insights and tag management are centrally managed from the sofia RTLS software platform, AiRISTA’s IoT-ready RTLS platform to centralize your view of assets in motion.

AiRISTA’s Outdoor Asset Tracking Solution

Real time location visibility keeps processes humming and provides insights to opportunities for increased efficiency. As assets move between indoor and outdoor environments, track and timestamp their location from a centralized platform.  

Outdoor Asset Tracking Solution Brief Image

AiRISTA’s RTLS Buyer’s Guide

To help you get a clear understanding of RTLS systems and what they’re capable of, we’ve created a comprehensive buyer’s guide.