Download the Outdoor Asset Tracking Solution Brief

RTLS solutions do a good job of tracking assets indoors. But once goods leave the facility, outdoor specific solutions are required to provide continued location awareness. Without seamless visibility across the delivery chain, you are susceptible to inefficiency, delays and even theft.

AiRISTA’s indoor/outdoor asset tracking solution provides a centralized view to the location of goods whether indoors, outdoors, or in transit.

Understand real time location systems that provide visibility across environments

AiRISTA has developed a creative solution that uses its A67 tag together with the sofia RTLS software platform to seamlessly tack assets both in & outdoors

  • BLE/GPS/Cellular tag
  • Triggers for events/alerts
  • IK07 & IP69 rugged enclosure
  • BLE gateway capability
  • Jolt/tip detection
  • 10-year battery life (3x AA)

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Explore the benefits of continuous location visibility

At the heart of AiRISTA’s Outdoor Asset Tracking Solution is the A67 tag. As a BLE gateway, the A67 can track low cost BLE tagged items like boxes in a trailer. Using BLE proximity, the A67 tags can associate tractors with trailers. Location insights and tag management are centrally managed from the sofia RTLS software platform, AiRISTA’s IoT-ready RTLS platform to centralize your RTLS use cases.

Find out more about how RTLS can be used for:

  • Locate outdoor assets instantly.
  • Seamless asset tracking between indoor & outdoor areas.
  • Centralized insights and management from the sofia RTLS software platform.
  • Alert to motion or zone boundaries.
  • Instant insight into inventory levels.
  • Deter theft & shrinkage.
  • Support for mobile devices