Hospital Patient Flow Solutions

Minimize the delays and bottlenecks that cause overcrowding, hinder quality care and harm the patient experience.

AiRISTA sofia software platform with Patient Flow Manager provides an easy-to-use view of patient movement, status and location. By identifying delays and areas of congestion that cause poor patient flow, healthcare organizations can make improvements to increase efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Optimizing Hospital Wide Patient Flow

Whether it’s inpatient beds reaching full capacity or a bottleneck that causes overcrowding in the waiting room, healthcare facilities often face patient flow issues that impact not only satisfaction but also patient care.

At the same time, frequent bottlenecks and delays decrease facility efficiency and patient satisfaction, resulting in poor HCAHPS scores.

To anticipate surges, effectively allocate resources and avoid low patient satisfaction that could impact HCAHPS reimbursements, hospitals need a complete view of the entire patient journey.

AiRISTA is a leader in real time location system (RTLS) solutions specially designed for optimizing patient flow. Our innovative Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) wrist tag technology allows your healthcare facility to track patient movement and keep tabs on experiences that could harm satisfaction.

With sofia, AiRISTA’s RTLS platform, healthcare providers gain a detailed view of the patient journey to minimize wait time and achieve your patient flow goals.

Capacity Management White Paper

The following benefits have been achieved by hospitals around the world, some of which directly link to improving bed capacity management:

  • 70% efficiency improvement for porters through automated workflows enabled by RTLS
  • Reduction in time required by nurses to support portering function from 40 min to 5 min per transaction
  • Real Time visibility into waiting times, movement times, cleaning times, and more by functional area with ability to create alerting and automation rules
  • Reduction in asset loss while improving utilization upwards of 25%
  • Ensure compliance with asset management regulations
  • Reduced congestion in waiting areas

Wearable BLE Tags For Patients and Personnel

AiRISTA’s watch and pendant style BLE tags are comfortable, easy to wear and durable, allowing hospitals to track patients and personnel in real time.

Two-way messaging and alerts enable caregivers to send instant communications to the wearer — whether it’s a patient or staff member. That way, you can notify patients of a delay or availability, freeing them from the confines of the waiting room.

At the same time, hospitals can notify patients when they wander near prohibited areas, improving staff and patient safety alike.

Additionally, the AiRISTA patient tags provide real time location and interaction with the AiRISTA Staff tag. The Wi-Fi option provides greater flexibility and network redundancy.

AiRISTA’s Patient Flow Tags

AiRISTA offers a robust suite of low-cost BLE tags that are reusable, with batteries that can last for years. Here are a few of our innovative wearable patient and personnel tags:

Advanced Wrist Personnel (W4)

The Advanced Wrist Personnel tag offers vibration alerting and two-colored LEDs to signal events to the patient.

Tamper Resistant BLE Wrist Personnel (W7)

AiRISTA’s W7 BLE wrist tag integrates tamper detection functionality and cut-off alerting to improve staff and patient safety.

Indoor-Outdoor Wrist Personnel (W9)

The W9 Indoor-Outdoor wrist tag enables real-time location tracking both in and outside of the healthcare facility.

Advanced Display Personnel (B4n)

The B4n badge tag can generate alerts in response to dangerous or duress events to improve staff safety.

A1 BLE wrist strap/fob

The A1 BLE tag is a low cost patient tag with optional accelerometer for motion sensing.

A7 BLE reusable wrist strap

The A7 low cost wrist tag is the entry level patient tag which is hygienic and reusable.

Sofia – AiRISTA’s RTLS Hospital
Patient Flow Solution

Sofia is AiRISTA’s RTLS software platform for healthcare organizations. Delivered on-premises or from the cloud, sofia unlocks real-time insights into patient volume and throughput, improving patient flow across the entire facility. Using sofia and AiRISTA’s low-cost BLE tags, healthcare providers can:

  • Quickly identify bottlenecks, dwell times and discharge issues.
  • Send notifications to patients when there’s availability.
  • Integrate with other hospital systems like EHRs.
  • Automate alerts for excessive delays or bottlenecks.
  • Notify waiting patients when it’s their turn.
  • Track and alert patients when they enter a restricted area.

With this bird’s eye view of patient movement, hospital staff can anticipate surges in volume and redeploy people and equipment to maintain efficient patient flow.

Minimize Delays During Patient Transfer or Discharge

A patient wants to check out of the hospital after three days staying in inpatient beds. Everything is signed off and the nurse gives the all clear, but they can’t find a wheelchair for the patient.

The longer the wait time, the longer the hospital has to wait until they can fill the bed again. Meanwhile, the patient becomes dissatisfied.

Integrating AiRISTA’s RTLS tags and sofia software with your existing healthcare system enables proactive preparation for patient transfer, ensuring everything is in place once they’re cleared for discharge.


A large academic medical facility cancer center utilizes the AiRISTA B4n badge tag. This allows patients to freely wander the campus gardens, chapel, and patios while waiting for their caregiver or appointment instead of confining them to a waiting room.

When a new exam room or bed opens up, the tag notifies patients of the availability to avoid delays that result in a patient flow issue.

The B4n Staff badge tag also fully integrates with the sofia healthcare system to record caregiver interactions and time with the patient.


When a patient visits the emergency department of a large healthcare facility, they spend over six hours onboarding before they are assigned a bed.

In the emergency department, a wait time of six to eight hours increases the mortality rate by around 8% on average.

Using AiRISTA’s B4n tag, in addition to sofia, the hospital is able to identify and avoid bottlenecks while ensuring patients get to their destination. By minimizing congestion and improving patient flow, the emergency department is able to reduce wait times and, therefore, the mortality rate.

AiRISTA – RTLS Experts in Hospital Patient Flow

With over a decade of industry experience, AiRISTA is the leading provider of RTLS tracking software and equipment. We have the tools, tags and expertise necessary to help your healthcare facility achieve its patient flow goals.


  • Management Platform: AiRISTA sofia
  • Infrastructure: Existing Cisco WiFi infrastructure
  • Asset RTLS Tags: AiRISTA W4 WiFi/BLE Tag, A1 BLE pendent or wrist tag, A7 BLE pendant or wrist tag, B4n WiFi/BLE Staff Tag
  • Integrations: HL-7
  • Deployment time: Days, not weeks.

Start Improving Patient Outcomes and Operational Efficiency

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