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Healthcare providers need real time insights about patient, staff and asset locations to optimize care delivery in the moment

components of solution
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A common view to the location of your most valuable resources
  • Patient Flow
  • Asset Tracking
  • Staff Workflow
  • *Staff Safety
  • Contact Tracing
  • Wander Management
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • *Hand Hygiene

*extensions to the sofia platform

“The lessons of COVID-19 taught us the importance of preparedness when thinking about strategic priorities. To respond in the moment requires insight to the movement of patients, staff and equipment.”

Kimberly Fletcher, PCS Emerson Hospital Emergency Department, Concord MA

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- Location Insights for Situational Awareness

what KPI's drive your performance
  • Medical Equipment Utilization

  • Equipment Sanitization & Maintenance 

  • Par Level Accounting

  • Patient Wait Time

  • Patient Satisfaction

  • Patient/Staff Safety

  • Staff to Patient Ratio

The National Academy of Medicine estimates the US healthcare system squandered $765B per year, which is more than the entire Defense Department.

logo for sofia

- Location Insights for Situational Awareness

How Does it work?

The AiRISTA Cloud is accessed from the customer’s wireless network

  • Dashboards, Reports
  • Events, Alerts
  • Process Workflows
  • APIs: REST, Web, Streaming

The Staff Tag communicates to the access point over Wi-Fi

Patient Tags & Asset Tags communicate to the G3 gateway over BLE



The G3 gateway acts as a location beacon and communicates to the access point over Wi-Fi

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- Location Insights for Situational Awareness


Once you upload your floorplans to the portal, you will receive gateways with labels indicating the location for installation. Gateways are simple AC power outlet adapters that plug into a wall outlet. Typically, 1 gateway is required for each room that is monitored. You also receive tags which are attached to equipment or provided to patients and staff. Once activated, they tags are detected by gateways and visible from the sofia portal. Deployment typically takes days, not weeks, and can be done by AiRISTA Flow field teams.

Tags can be updated over the air in seconds to address a variety of use cases. Just as configuration commands can be sent to the tag, new firmware images can be delivered too.

Tags are purchased by the customer. Customers purchase a subscription for each use case as well as a subscription for each tag associated with that use case. Subsequent device subscriptions can be prorated to align renewal dates. Because the intent of sofia is to make location information available to all, the number of employees with access is not limited.

Staff Safety and Hand Hygiene are extended to the sofia platform by deploying a local server. Otherwise, everything looks and operates like the cloud platform. 

To speed deployment and keep costs down, an existing Wi-Fi network is typically used to communicate to sofia’s cloud based software platform. The BLE+Wi-Fi tags communicate directly with Wi-Fi access points. BLE tags use gateways provided by AiRISTA Flow..

The same commination path is used to push notifications to the tags or update tag settings.

Users are defined as one of the following; 

Administrator – full functionality

Managers – full functionality except map management

Tag Assignment – can only see Devices and People/Assets

Device Manager – can only see Devices and Infrastructure

Viewer – view everything except Rules, Devices, and Users

RTLS Manager – responsible for Mapping and Infrastructure

The BLE-only (A1 tag) tag uses a field replaceable coin cell battery. Depending on the tag configuration, the battery should last 6-12 months.

The BLE+Wi-Fi (B4n tag) tag uses a USB cable or gang-style charger. The B4n charge will typically last over a week and requires less than 2 hours to recharge.

Battery levels are tracked in the portal and alerts can be generated when a tag’s battery needs replacing.

The system does not associate data with a patient identity. The only identifier received by the portal is the MAC address of the tag.

The sofia platform eliminates dependence on the signal strength as perceived by the access point. Instead, gateways are used as location points for faster deployment and more consistent levels of accuracy. The Wi-Fi access points only provide a data path for the tag information to the cloud portal.

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- Named LEADER In Gartner 2023 Magic Quadrant

AiRISTA named LEADER in Gartner 2023 Magic Quadrant for Indoor Location Services

Named LEADER in Gartner 2022 Magic Quadrant for Indoor Location

According to Gartner

  •  Vendors in the Leaders quadrant will have demonstrated an ability to fulfil a broad variety of customer requirements through the breadth of their indoor location service solutions.
  • Leaders will have the ability to provide complete and differentiating capabilities as part of their indoor location offerings. This includes global service and support.
  • Leaders should have demonstrated the ability to shape the market, maintain strong relationships with their channels and customers, and have no obvious gaps in their portfolios.