Hospital Staff Safety

Protect your staff from attacks and duress situations.

AiRISTA Flow Unified Vision RTLS Staff Safety Solution is an effective, efficient wearable solution providing immediate location-based alerts to security and nearby personnel.

The patented personnel badge is the #1 two-way communicating RTLS solution in the world.

AiRISTA Flow - RTLS Experts in Personnel Safety

Subscription-based Staff Safety Portal
An intuitive, affordable staff safety solution deploys in days, not months.
  • Cloud delivered
  • Subscription pricing
  • Easy to learn interface
  • Room level accuracy
  • Variety of tag types
  • Custom response rules and escalations
  • Forensic replay

“Staff safety is a recurring theme in employee surveys. With the AiRISTA Flow Staff Safety Solution, nurses and staff who work alone or in isolated areas feel confident that help is a button push away.”

Facilities Director, Midwest healthcare system

AiRISTA Flow - RTLS Experts in the Most Challenging Settings

California Department of State Hospital
Inpatient violence had resulted in frequent assaults and even death to a caregiver.
  • California Department of State Hospital operates the largest secure mental health organization in the world
  • Consisting of fully accredited JCAHO hospitals in a secure environment spread throughout the state
  • Employees and the union demanded a solution
  • California legislature supported this request and implemented a requirement for a location based personal duress alarm system (PDAS) to provide timely alarms in the event of assault.

AiRISTA Flow - California Dept. of State Hospital Results

California Department of State Hospital Experience
The scope included 5 facilities, some as large as 440 acres and 75+ buildings, spread across the state with responsibility for 13,000+ employees.
  • California Department of State Hospitals sough to provide a Location Based Personal Duress solution to all staff that is affordable, easy to wear, easy to use, and most importantly, reliable.


  • Once deployed, all staff on facility premises wear a location based two-way alarm system providing immediate notification and location to security personnel, greatly reducing response time and incident escalation.

AiRISTA Flow - RTLS Experts in Personnel Safety

Deployment Details

  • Management Platform: AiRISTA  Flow UVS
  • Infrastructure: Existing Cisco WiFi infrastructure
  • Asset RTLS Tags: AiRISTA  Flow B4 WiFi/BLE Staff Tag
  • Integrations: Singlewire Informacast, 911