an instant lifeline to help

Every minute counts during an emergency. AiRISTA Flow’s staff safety solutions bring together real-time location awareness with two-way communications, to help keep workers and staff members visible with an instant lifeline to help.

Safety for Employees

AiRISTA Flow Personnel Safety solutions are helping to fix many problems related to staff safety and already support thousands of workers, worldwide, including high-security state institutions, schools, hotels, plants, mines, and other types of facilities, too. Our solutions enable immediate, silent or audible two-way communications that enhance staff safety and satisfaction while making it easier for businesses to focus on their core operations.

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Customizable and Easy to Use

AiRISTA Flow solutions are highly customizable and may feature rechargeable tags with LED screen communications. No other RTLS provider offers these advanced features all in one, wireless, Wi-Fi enabled system. To use the system, workers simply check-out a wearable badge tag and turn it in at the end of a shift as necessary. Based on the business rules applied and the custom site configurations selected, easy pull-down duress-alert functionality, motion detection, and automated zone breach alerts may be leveraged to enhance worker safety and shorten response times in the event of an emergency on-the-job. Configure the buttons to do just about anything and let us configure the software to socialize with other information systems!

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Motion Detection

AiRISTA Flow’s staff safety solutions also feature sophisticated motion detection to help send alerts when victims are unable. Based on stagnate periods, tilt, or a combination, authorities can be notified when a worker or staff member may be incapacitated and unable to seek help themselves. Two-way communication technology in the AiRISTA Flow badge tags from AiRISTA Flow helps to confirm the accuracy for detection of possible man-down situations.

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