Industrial – Inventory Levels

AiRISTA  is investing heavily in emerging technologies that will bring down the cost of tags while increasing accuracy. Technologies like Wi-Fi 6 and BLE 5 allow for greater distance and longer tag battery life.

AiRISTA - RTLS Experts in Industrial Inventory Levels

The consumerization of BLE has driven costs to levels where the tag is virtually disposable. And BLE 5.1 allows for sub-meter accuracy and tracking in the vertical dimension. All this makes possible new RTLS use case for inventory management where thousands of items need to be tracked on vertical shelves in close proximity to each other.

AiRISTA - RTLS Experts in Industrial Inventory Levels

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Automated Inventory of Bumpers

A vertically integrated automobile manufacturer produces its own bumpers. The bumpers are stored on mobile racks until needed by the final assembly line. To migrate from a paper based system to RTLS, a BLE tag was inserted into the traveler pouch on each rack. Backend systems associated the tag with traveler information. Over time, all paper travelers were eliminated. Not only could the inventory of bumpers be managed in real time, but the location of each rack helped deliver the right racks to the assembly line.

AiRISTA - RTLS Experts in Industrial Inventory Levels

Accuracy Check of Stock Replenishment​

Tuggers move rolls of rubber stock from inventory to the vulcanizer in tire manufacturing. To reduce scrap, its vital to deliver the right grade of rubber to the right line. Moreover, the rubber must not have exceeded its expiration date. Placing a BLE tag on the rolls of rubber stock provided a wireless check once the material is delivered to the vulcanizer that alerts the operator if the roll is outdated or the wrong grade of rubber.

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