Hotel housekeepers can find themselves in difficult or threatening situations. State and city regulations are requiring a modern, reliable solution for addressing employee safety. Be there for your staff when they need help with proven Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology to direct a rapid response to emergencies and keep your employees safe.

AiRISTA Flow Housekeeper Safety™ offers an effective hotel panic button solution that’s cost-effective, easy to install and maintain, and fully future-focused for hassle-free compliance with emerging legislation. Our Wi-Fi-based safety SaaS solution combines real-time insights with two-way communication tools to offer complete coverage and visibility both inside and outside of your facility. Our solution works with your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and deploys on-premises or connects to a dedicated cloud portal.

Meet your needs in personnel safety, compliance,
and more with the help of AiRISTA Flow.

Airista flow housekeeper safety™

  • A real-time view of personnel locations during panic events and responses
  • A wide selection of wearable tags, including those for two-way communication
  • A private cloud portal for easy management and reporting
  • Escalation rules and forensic replay help provide a high quality response
  • A simple deployment process with virtually no IT involvement
  • A low monthly subscription model for software and hardware components

Options for Every Budget and Facility

Find a housekeeper safety solution for your facility that meets your needs and requirements. Explore the packages offered by AiRISTA Flow.


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Asset Tracking, Temperature Monitoring & More

  • Track the location of your mobile assets, including luggage carriers, room service carts, and laundry bins, to gain a more complete view of activity in your facility.
  • Monitor the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer units throughout your hotel to meet compliance requirements and replace paper-based reporting with automated technology.

The Most Widely Deployed RTLS Solution for Staff Safety Worldwide

Access the world’s most widely deployed RTLS personnel tags for push-button panic alerts. Our solution works with your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and connects to a dedicated cloud portal for a complete and compliant employee safety program. Deliver panic button alerts to security staff, management teams, and more using secure in-room beacons and personnel tags that relay alerts and information wirelessly to initiate custom response rules. As asset tracking software, AiRISTA Flow Housekeeper Safety™ also supports hotel asset management efforts with real-time tracking, fridge temperature monitoring, and more. We help you ensure your facility remains compliant with state and local requirements by offering an out-of-the-box RTLS solution and the opportunity to upgrade for additional features as your needs expand.

Advanced Solution Features

Housekeeper Safety Portal

A private cloud portal for managing alert activity, creating custom rules, viewing dashboards and reports, and monitoring system health

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring and alerting for refrigerator and freezer compliance in place of paper-based reporting

Panic Button Tags

A variety of low-cost tags with push-button activation typically used by housekeeping staff for generating easy and reliable panic alerts

Pro Dashboard

A dashboard for identifying trends; filtering views on floors, shifts, and more; and drilling down into data for deeper insights

Pro Response Tags

A variety of two-way communicating tags typically used by security and management for delivering panic event notifications, locations, and times as a text to tag screens

Custom Reporting

Custom report creation in addition to canned reports in the Essential and Pro packages

Event Replay

A recording of the team’s response using visual pathways and times overlaid on maps for retention, compliance, testing, and best practice creation

Data Archiving

An archive that allows users to retain 120 days of data with detailed logs and easy export capability

System Health

A view of the complete housekeeper safety solution to maintain optimal system health

Custom Rules & Workflows

A custom rules engine for creating workflows and sophisticated response initiatives

Asset Tracking

Track the location of mobile assets, such as luggage carriers, room service carts, and laundry bins

Custom APIs

Integration with third-party applications via common APIs

Outdoor Coverage

Extension of panic button service to outdoor areas and other spaces typically not covered by Wi-Fi, such as pools and parking lots