For many enterprises, managing thousands of costly, mobile assets and equipment is challenging and labor-intensive. A significant portion of asset inventories are lost, stolen, or misplaced, impacting productivity every day. For example, more than one third of nurses spend at least 1 hour per shift searching for equipment. In this same example, average inventory SKUs for upwards of 35,000 assets are only utilized at a rate of 32-38%, with nearly $4,000 of equipment per bed, lost or stolen each year. This phenomena of underutilization topped with unnecessary rental equipment expenses applies in many other industries. Asset Tracking Solutions from AiRISTA Flow can help reduce many of the inefficiencies that lead to resource waste.
Specifically, RTLS with asset tracking solutions leveraging RFID-over-Wi-Fi can help lower inventory expenses and shorten equipment search times, prevent theft, and automate maintenance with real-time visibility into the location and status of equipment (i.e. sterilized/unsterile, broken/fixed, in use/available), using an existing Wi-Fi network.

  • 1. Airista Flow Tags Attached to assets or worn by people, these devices utilize RFID, BLE, GPS, and/or IR to receive and transmit data.
  • 2. Any Wi-Fi Network Wi-Fi-based tag data is sent to Airista Flow software in real-time.
  • 3. Enhanced Asset VisibilitySee analytics with tag locations on real-time maps, plus get message and alert management all in a user-friendly software interface.
Customers have used the AiRISTA Flow Asset Tracking Solution to:
  • Alert security before equipment leaves geo-fenced zones and prevent theft by applying customized business rules.
  • Improve operational throughput (e.g. patient flow, or product assemblies) by reducing caregivers’ and line workers’ equipment search times.
  • Ensure that assets and categories of assets are searchable, indicating both room-level location and “availability” status.
  • Improve inventory management with utilization, par level, and dwell time reporting.
  • Automate work order alerts and measure on-time servicing to increase availability.
  • Monitor par level with location-based work orders that improve utilization and minimize rental expenses.
  • Track asset movement history to isolate process improvements and optimize workflows.


Learn all about RTLS from AiRISTA Flow including the RFID-over-Wi-Fi powered Asset Tracking Solution. With a variety of tracking options, AiRISTA Flow’s RTLS solutions offer unprecedented location technology wherever there’s Wi-Fi coverage.


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