Hospital Asset Tracking

AiRISTA Flow Unified Vision RTLS with Asset Manager providing efficient management of routine and scheduled maintenance, proper inventory placement and maintaining adequate par-levels, in useful dashboard format with direct access to maps, pump status and other relevant information. Residing on the existing WiFi infrastructure.

AiRISTA Flow - RTLS Experts in Asset Tracking

Efficient Utilization of IV Pumps

Current pump utilization statistics show the average hospital requires an average of 2.5 IV pumps per room, well more than one extra per pump in use. And if asked, most clinical staff would want more. Due to inefficient maintenance management, hoarding, “lost”, and non-strategic placement, utilization rates in the low 30% range are accepted. The AiRISTA Flow RTLS solution was deployed to increase asset utilization rates for IV pumps from 32% to 65% and to reduce the IV pump purchase from 1200 to 780 devices.

AiRISTA Flow - RTLS Experts in Asset Tracking

Customer Experience

A 380 bed regional medical center with a pre RTLS deployment inventory of 1200 IV pumps with an in-use rate of 30%. After deployment of the AiRISTA Flow solution, the “in-use” rate increased to 65% and allowed the most recent IV pump acquisition to be reduced to 780 IV pumps resulting in a savings greater than $1MM.

AiRISTA Flow - RTLS Experts in Asset Tracking

Deployment Details

Management Platform: AiRISTA Flow UVS

Infrastructure: Existing Cisco WiFi infrastructure

Asset RTLS Tags: AiRISTA Flow A4 WiFi/BLE Asset Tag

Integrations: Alaris XYZ System

Deployment time: 21 days