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BlogDecember 21, 2021

Partner Spotlight – Texas Instruments

At the heart of AiRISTA’s RTLS BLE tags is a Texas Instrument microcontroller unit (MCU). The TI MCU provides transmit and receive functionality for protocols including Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) 5.2.

BlogDecember 14, 2021

Temperature Monitoring and Why Is It Important For Your Business

Eliminate human error – Automate the monitoring and recording of temperature levels in Medication storage units. 

BlogDecember 2, 2021

Solving Your Supply Chain Issues with RTLS Asset Tracking

Your Supply Chain Issues Aren’t Outside Of Your Control. Implementing RTLS Asset Tracking Can Help Solve Challenges Due To Labor Or Product Shortages.

BlogNovember 18, 2021

What you need to know about Embedded Sensors, Location, and IOT

Embedded sensors combined with location information are driving disruptive use cases in IOT.

BlogNovember 2, 2021

Getting Staff Buy-in for RTLS Projects

Recommendations for getting staff buy-in for technology deployments

BlogOctober 7, 2021

Why Platform Architecture Matters

A description of broker based streaming architectures and why IT needs to drive to a platform

BlogSeptember 24, 2021

Take the FREE CDC Course “Workplace violence prevention for nurses”

CDC offers a free course to help prevent violence against nurses

BlogSeptember 9, 2021

Convergence of Indoor & Outdoor Asset Tracking

A combined indoor & outdoor asset tracking solution

BlogAugust 16, 2021

Observations From HIMSS: Will Industry Events Like This Survive?

Observations From HIMSS: Will Industry Events Like This Survive?

BlogJuly 29, 2021

Top 6 Applications of Healthcare Asset Tracking

Top 6 Healthcare Asset Tracking Applications

BlogJuly 16, 2021

5 Forces Behind the Explosive Growth of RTLS

RTLS Market Experiences Rapid Growth

BlogJuly 6, 2021

Partner Spotlight: Cisco Meraki Bluetooth Integration

AiRITSA and Meraki integrate BLE solutions for staff safety