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BlogOctober 9, 2020

Post-COVID Use Cases: You have the tags, let’s put them to other uses!

Real Time Location Services (RTLS) are so much more than tracking items on a map. For every initial deployment, AiRISTA has worked with customers to find many more RTLS use cases. Let’s take your SD&CT investment and apply those tags to new used cases to accelerate your operations.

BlogApril 22, 2020

RTLS Techniques to Comply with CDC Guidelines for COVID-19

Learn how RTLS techniques comply with the most recent CDC Guidelines for COVID-19 prevention

BlogApril 15, 2020

Traditional Barriers to RTLS Adoption Are Shattered with BLE 5.1

Learn how BLE 5.1 can disrupt the RTLS industry and overcome any barriers associated with BLE 5.0.

BlogJanuary 1, 1970

When to use RTLS vs. RFID to track people and things?

Knowing when to use RTLS and RFID helps align costs with resulting benefits and can even complement each other.


AiRISTA Plans a Center of Excellence

Making location information available across the enterprise requires vendor/customer collaboration. The role of the AiRISTA COE is to work with each customer to derive the most benefit from the customer’s RTLS investment.


Population milestone – earth’s population hits 8 billion

As the world’s population grows and events force migrations, real time location information will become a more important tool to help with the response and bring some stability to the ensuing chaos.