the RTLS vendor landscape is poised for a round of turbulence.

It seems that the RTLS vendor landscape is poised for a round of turbulence. As a market that has been with us for 30 years and is poised for another period of growth, its natural that you will find a shakeout taking place among vendors.Aerial View of HIMSS22 Booth-2

While attending HIMSS22, that shakeout became even more apparent. Smaller, privately held vendors have begun quiet whisper campaigns. The R&D investment required to stay ahead of technology trends has become too great to remain competitive. And as other vendors are acquired by larger companies, the installed base begins to see signs of a change in vendor focus. For companies like AiRISTA, this creates opportunities.

We had several attendees come by the booth asking how we compare to their current RTLS vendor. Their immediate interests were our ability to support existing use cases like healthcare asset tracking, patient flow, wander management, staff safety, etc. After addressing their immediate needs, the conversations shifted to the future of RTLS and how it relates to other IoT investments they are considering; voice recognition, video integration, collaboration, and building automation. People are clearly thinking “outside the box”.

What is driving the switch

When talking with these people who came by our booth, a few themes emerged about their concerns and motivations.

What has them concerned about their current vendor?

  • Lack of product refresh
  • Lack of focus
  • Commitment to continued investment

What are the most important characteristics of a new vendor?

  • Flexibility of platform to handle change requests and new use cases
  • Breadth of ecosystem and ease of integration

What parts of the migration to a new vendor keep you up at night?

  • Unforeseen costs and budget containment
  • The learning curve required of the employees that use the system and their acceptance

Who in your organization are contributors to the decision about a new vendor?

  • In many cases, the CMO is the ultimate decision maker, with Head of Nursing, Biomed, CIO (or IT Director), and often Facilities and Security all contributing. “Head of Innovation” is a new role taking on importance.
  • A defendable ROI analysis is taking on more importance

To make it easier for customers to consider a switch to AiRISTA, we have introduced a promotion that makes the software platform and 100 licenses available for a 1 year period at nominal price. Learn more by contacting us at

At AiRISTA, we see the future of the RTLS market as an evolution toward a convergence of meta data for each resource in an organization. And as organizations become more interconnected, the meta data will be shared across boundaries. We are intrigued by,

  • the ability to interact using voice commands
  • combining with video analytics for better process oversight
  • an economy of microservices to make new features available and integrations

MQ ILS 2022 GraphicGartner was impressed and has recognized AiRISTA as a LEADER in the 2022 Magic Quadrant for indoor location tracking. Click here for a free copy of the report.

As the world becomes more unpredictable with climate change, people migrations, and conflicts, it will be the depth of your real time information about critical resources that will help you respond quickly and intelligently to these inevitable disruptions.

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