The AiRISTA Real-Time Location System uses Wi-Fi & BLE asset tags and the AiRISTA Unified Vision™ software platform to automate inventory management and par level monitoring.

The AiRISTA solution provides mapped, real-time visibility into the location of individual assets and groups of assets. AiRISTA RTLS also goes beyond basic asset tracking and shows the condition and status of assets (i.e. clean/ dirty, in-use/available) and alerts staff based on asset events so that customers can improve patient throughput and automate maintenance work-flows. Just some of the hospital assets tracked and managed using AiRISTA RTLS, include:

  1. Balloon Pumps
  2. Beds – specialty/all types
  3. Breast Pumps
  4. Cameras
  5. Carts – crash, vitals
  6. Workstations On Wheels (WOWs)
  7. Dinamaps
  8. Dopplers
  9. Enteral Feeding Pump
  10. Gurneys
  11. Infusion Pumps (singles, doubles, triples, intelligent)
  12. Suction devices
  13. Bladder scanners
  14. Monitors – vital signs, slave, BIS
  15. Pacemakers – external
  16. PCA Pumps
  17. Pulse Oximeters
  18. Sequential Compression Devices (SCDs)
  19. Scopes
  20. Patient Lifts
  21. Trays – surgical, consignment
  22. Ultrasound Machines – small, portable
  23. Wheelchair – bariatric, fixed leg, standard, SDS
  24. Ventilators
  25. Wound Vacs

More efficient use of assets can free up funding for staff and improved patient outcomes. The typical hospital own 35,000 inventory SKUs with a utilization rate between 32 and 38%. Spending on patient outcomes suffers when billions are wasted on unnecessary equipment. Download the infographic here.

Asset Utilization

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