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AiRISTA introduced the sofia platform, a cloud delivered suite of RTLS solutions for healthcare. The platform combines 10+ years of experience to help healthcare providers respond to changing conditions in the moment. The solution is based on BLE technology which communicates over existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Activity Tiles


As users log in, they select among a variety of use cases. Available use cases include asset tracking, contact tracing, temperature monitoring, motion detection, and staff & patient flow. Extensions to the system provide for staff safety and hand hygiene.


SDCT Screenshot Dashboard

Once a use case is selected, they are met with a personalized dashboard most interesting to them. The dashboard provides an instant view of current state and issues that might require attention.

Users Reportalso have access to prepackaged reports specific to their use case.
Rule Creation
Rules are simple to setup using pull down menus. Rules can alert to such events as low inventory of equipment or an emergency duress situation of a staff member. Rules can even have different results based on the region of the hospital. Alerts can also be delivered as messages to the B4n tag.


Position Infrastructure 1Users can upload maps of the facility to pinpoint the location of assets and people. Zones can be created as overlays to distinguish areas like waiting rooms, storage, etc. As a web based tool, zones can be created without the use of plugins or downloads. Zones can also be aggregated into groups, like all patient rooms. This allows multi-level filtering for searches such as “find all infusion pumps in patient rooms on the second floor.” The system supports maps for multiple buildings across multiple campuses. And multiple users can edit the same map simultaneously without overwriting each other.


System deployment is made simple with a mobile app. While in the application, an asset can be selected and a tag scanned using a smart phone. The tag is instantly associated with the asset and is now tracked by the system. The same process allows BLE gateways to be associated to a specific area.

To help ensure correct operation of the solution, the portal provides a debug interface that shows the data flow in real time through various points in the system. For example, data to and from a BLE gateway can be viewed as a tag communicates with the cloud portal. Issues are quickly resolved without a lot of debug equipment. This tool also makes debugging workflows a cinch.


AiRISTA has invested heavily in R&D resulting in several patents. Our 2-way communicating tags not only deliver messages to tag wearers, but tags’ firmware can also be updated over the air. Firmware updates can be be staged pending a formal review process. Similarly, the health of all of the infrastructure like tag battery levels is automatically monitored and alerts delivered when attention is needed.

With sofia we believe we have struck the right balance between ease of deployment, simplicity of use, and the power to solve your pressing business problems.

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Note, features depicted in these images might change based on the version of the hosted software.


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