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BlogMay 11, 2020

10 Questions for Issuing an RFP for Social Distancing & Contact Tracing

Learn the 8 things you have to include when creating an RFP for a contact tracing solution

BlogMay 4, 2020

Gamification to Maintain Social Distancing

Using gamification techniques to help workplaces enforce social distancing policies

BlogApril 27, 2020

Learning Lessons from Spanish Flu

Learning lessons from Spanish Flu to help prevent a second wave of COVID-19

BlogApril 23, 2020

CDC Recommends Social Distancing and Contact tracing

AiRISTA introduces contact tracing solution to help enforce social distancing guidelines.

BlogApril 22, 2020

RTLS Techniques to Comply with CDC Guidelines for COVID-19

Learn how RTLS techniques comply with the most recent CDC Guidelines for COVID-19 prevention

BlogApril 16, 2020

Healthcare Asset Tracking In Emergency Situations

Learn how to better manage your healthcare assets during an emergency such as COVID-19

BlogApril 15, 2020

Navigating the “Panic Button” Mandate Around the Corner

AiRISTA’s dedication to the hospitality market spans years. We choose to focus on employee staff safety with our panic buttons.


Traditional Barriers to RTLS Adoption Are Shattered with BLE 5.1

Learn how BLE 5.1 can disrupt the RTLS industry and overcome any barriers associated with BLE 5.0.

BlogApril 14, 2020

Navigating the “Panic Button” Mandate Around the Corner

Learn how to navigate panic buttons in today’s rapidly changing world of hospitality.

BlogJanuary 3, 2020

Sealed Asset

The sleek Sealed Asset tag is an active location tracking tag that operates over standards-based, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi or BLE networks. This tag enables location tracking of any asset or object. Because the Sealed Asset tag operates on standard networks,…


1-Button Asset

The 1-Button Asset tag is designed to monitor assets within a Wi-Fi or BLE network environment. It offers multiple options to generate alerts on environmental and condition sensing. With a small yet rugged water-resistant form factor, the 1-Button Asset…


Rugged Asset

The Rugged Asset tag is ideally suited for tracking assets in harsh or outdoor environments using your existing Wi-Fi network. The Rugged Asset provides location intelligence as part of AiRISTA’s end-to-end RTLS platform. Wi-Fi and BLE are standard…