AiRISTA, a world leader in RTLS solutions, introduces a health screening survey and symptoms registration tool for its Social Distancing & Contact Tracing solution. As businesses welcome employees back, the health screening survey and symptoms registration provides another tool to keep the workplace safe and contain potential coronavirus exposure.

The survey tool is managed from the AiRISTA cloud portal and survey results are integrated with centralized reports. Employees receive a text or email before their shift with a link to the survey. The survey consists of simple questions setup by HR for a quick sense of potential COVID-19 symptoms. The survey tool is integrated with AiRISTA’s Social Distancing & Contact Tracing solution which alerts employees to close contacts and stores contact histories in the cloud-based customer portal for automated contact tracing.

“AiRISTA’s Social Distancing & Contact Tracing solution is one of the cornerstones of our reopening plan. The addition of the health screen survey gives us another tool to help maintain a healthy workplace and quickly identify and isolate potential outbreaks,” according to TBD of Agios Pharmaceuticals.

AiRISTA’s Social Distancing & Contact Tracing solution is helping companies reinforce distancing guidelines across a variety of industries including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, construction, education, and office environments. “When a single infection closes an entire plant, or interviewing employees for contact histories consumes hours of time, our SD&CT solution helps change behaviors and contain potential outbreaks with a button push,” according to Vince Grove, VP of Marketing of AiRISTA. “CEOs and executives are ultimately responsible for the workplace and need to demonstrate proactive measures to avoid incidents and respond to them quickly.”

The survey tool is part of an integrated tool set to communicate with employees including automated notices to affected employees about potential infectious contacts and scheduled reports for individual or groups contact performance.

Find details about AiRISTA’s Social Distancing & Contact Tracing solution here.


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