As our society begins to reopen after a months-long shutdown from COVID-19, many businesses are scrambling to create plans and procedures to reopen. Reopening looks different for each state, and often for each county. The different requirements set for reopening means that office response teams often must create robust public health and safety plans in a matter of weeks.

AiRISTA can help.

Gartner has published a report Build a Plan to Bring Remote Workers Back into the Office. In it, Gartner analysts outline a 2-week model for preparing the workplace.

The report covers the policies and procedures businesses should expect to enact to keep their offices complaint with public health requirements. Customers of AiRISTA’s Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Solution (SD&CT) can use a similar 2-week model for deploying the solution.

Activities 2 Weeks in Advance

Portal Tags Policy
· IT & network setup · Assign a few tags to a few users for testing purposes · Consider recommendations from health authorities (distances, infectious period, screening questions)
· Determine users & roles · Testing feedback for configs (LEDs, chirps, distances, reporting delay, etc.) · Insert SD&CT into planning docs/signage/communications
· System test with live tags (alert on groups, run reports, etc.) · Establish default tag config
· Activate & configure any BLE/Wi-Fi gateways

Activities 1 Week in Advance

Portal Tags Policy
· Create users & roles · Charge & activate tags with company defined default configs · Train users of the portal
· Setup alerts for group formation, battery, infrastructure · Upload to portal .csv of tags and .csv of users · Train the trainers (tag operation, health screen, typical reports)
· Create automated reports · End to end test of the system · Distribute Best Practice guide to employees for use of tags
· Setup Health Screen questions · Send a test Health Screen survey to employees
· Setup automated notification to contact HR
· Test all reports & alerts

Activities On Opening Day

Portal Tags Policy
· Review all reports after the initial day · Distribute tags to each user (e.g. scan the code on the tag for each user) · Deliver Health Screen survey via email/text at start of the shift(s)
· Add/modify reports based on initial feedback ·Follow up with users for any suggested changes · Review results of Health Screen
· Update any best practices guides over time ·Adjust tag settings based on feedback if required · Collect feedback for continuous improvement on regular basis
· Distribute day’s reports to a Continuous Improvement team
· Monitor health authorities for relevant policy changes

AiRISTA can provide guidance and best practice sharing through our engagement. We also provide professional services for customization and integration. For support, please contact support@airistaflowcom.

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