The subscription service combines software licensing and tag rotation to ensure operational continuity.

Safety in the workplace is becoming more uncertain. Severe weather events can send employees scrambling. The number of violent incidents against staff is increasing. And dangers in the workplace can be a cause to evacuate to muster zones. Every organization should have a documented response plan which is reviewed and even practiced regularly. This response plan is usually part of a broader safety plan and should be part of an overall business continuity strategy.

AiRISTA’s B4n staff safety tag is at the heart of the response plan for some of the most rigorous environments. These include prisons and state mental hospitals where multiple duress events occur on a daily basis. As a solution that combines hardware, software and wireless infrastructure, there are many parts to account for in this RTLS staff safety solution.

To simplify the accounting of these components, AiRISTA introduced a bundle that combines the cost of the RTLS tag and software with onsite spares and a regular rotation. The service, Sofia Guard, is an annual subscription that combines hardware, software and stock rotation into a single price. The combination avoids chasing RTLS software licenses, returns, etc. As the customer, you can focus on results rather than tracking hardware and software.

Customers that subscribe to Sofia Guard are also able to upgrade from legacy AiIRSTA software platforms as part of the license model. And AiRISTA provides quarterly checks for the health of your system and recommendations.

The AiRISTA B4n combined with the sofia software platform provide,

  • SOS panic event alerting
  • Confirmation that the event went through
  • User driven response rules
  • Person and location displayed on responders’ B4n tags
  • Software programmable buttons for e.g. escalation
  • Replay of the movement of members for documentation and continuous improvement
  • Wi-Fi and BLE network redundancy

AiRISTA’s staff safety solution is also integrated with the solution of ecosystem partners like Singlewire. In a recent blog they write, “Investing in comprehensive crisis response planning and utilizing the appropriate tools is not just a strategic choice; it is a crucial step in safeguarding your employees and the overall resilience of your organization.” Integration to Singlewire’s InformaCast platform extends control to building systems like door locks and lights. The integration with InformaCast is deployed at the California Department of State Hospitals. “Staff feel much safer at work today due to the successful deployment. This was a project for and about people,” according to Dotty Matteucci, Executive Director.

As the world becomes more uncertain, continuity planning is becoming a more significant criteria in vendor evaluation. Creating a safety plan is not just good for the employees, its good business. For more information contact

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