The BLC is a showcase where healthcare decision makers experience transformational technologies in action.

The challenge

According to the American Healthcare Association, more than half of hospitals are operating in the red. To return to financial health, healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) are turning to operational efficiency. Digital innovation is an area of continued investment by HDOs to make better use of their technology investments. The goal is to increase patient throughput and capacity management.

AiRISTA joins the Brendan Lovelock Center (BLC) to showcase the impact that location insights can bring to hospitals’ digitization efforts. With location insights, the careful orchestration of patients, staff and equipment increases the value of existing IT assets and unleashes the full opportunity of new digital technology investments.

The opportunity

Most HDOs will admit they are reactive organizations. The analyst firm Gartner describes this as Level 1 along a maturity model they call the Real Time Health System. The RTHS is a paradigm that measures an HDO’s ability to act on real time operational intelligence to achieve its business outcomes. AiRISTA’s RTLS portfolio provides value along all 4 maturity levels to help providers migrate to ever higher maturity levels.

Digitization efforts by HDOs have fallen short and are not resulting in efficiency gains on the operational side of care delivery. To achieve levels 3 and 4 along Gartner’s maturity model requires coordination among resources to drive efficient patient throughput. The showcase created at the Brendan Lovelock Center is a living lab where technologies and vendors come together as an example the improvements possible when there is an orchestration of workflows. “Vendors should be compelled to accommodate interoperability standards defined by the hospital. These standards will ultimately reduce the complexity and total lifecycle ownership costs of a hospital’s IT ecosystem,” according to Martin Moszczynski, CEO of Olinqua and founding member of the BLC.

The Brendan Lovelock Center

The Brendan Lovelock Center is an immersive experience of the day-to-day operations of a digital healthcare center. Located in Docklands, close to the centre of Melbourne, the center is a setting for the demonstration and evaluation of technologies and their impact on operational processes. A series of rooms showcase the features expected in a real hospital, representing a true healthcare setting. In addition to showcasing its RTLS tags, wireless infrastructure, and sofia software platform, AiRISTA will facilitate integration to other solutions using Flow Studio. Flow Studio is a low-code integration environment that abstracts code development to a simple drag & drop interface based on libraries of canned modules. Applications developed in Flow Studio can react to external events, execute cascading workflows, and deliver commands to people and other applications. AiRISTA is excited to be a member of the Brendan Lovelock Center as a showcase for the potential of efficient and predictive care delivery systems.

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