AiRISTA, Inc. adds Bluetooth Low Energy® (BLE) 5.1 to its portfolio of location-based services. BLE 5.1 increases location accuracy to within 10s of centimeters. The technology also allows tracking in the vertical dimension, a first for BLE. With BLE 5.1, previous barriers to location services adoption are shattered including battery life, costs, and now accuracy. This technology will be unveiled at this year’s HIMSS Conference, located in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 10-12 at booth #3247.

With support for BLE 5.1’s Angle of Arrival and Direction-Finding capabilities, AiRISTA can address new use cases. Submeter accuracy can tell if the right equipment is being used in a specific spot or distinguish between various bins within a room. Tracking in the vertical dimension supports inventory picking and automated inventory counting.

AiRISTA’s popular tags are upgradeable over the air to support BLE 5.1 helping extend the value of its customers’ investments. Since a complete BLE 5.1 solution is a marriage of client, gateway, antennas, and software, not all implementations of BLE 5.1 are equal. “We have invested considerable resources in the evaluation and integration of various technologies to deliver what we believe is the superior implementation,” according to Sy Sajjad, CEO of AiRISTA, Inc. “The thoughtful development process has resulted in a solution that reduces component complexity, simplifies deployment, and drives down costs.”

To highlight the new technology at HIMSS, AiRISTA uses a spotlight that tracks the movement in real-time of someone holding a tag. The solution is integrated with AiRISTA’s sofia software platform which provides a simple user interface with industry-based packaged use cases for healthcare to address asset tracking, staff safety, patient flow, wander management, hand hygiene, and more. With AiRISTA’s Unified Vision IoT platform as the underlying software engine, sofia can be deployed on-prem, from the cloud, or as a hybrid.

AiRISTA’s Location Services Solutions are the heart of some of the world’s largest deployments representing hundreds of thousands of endpoints per customer in demanding environments like healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and others.

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