Product Temperature Monitoring

The storage of food (in any facility-type or industry); hospitals’ pharmaceuticals, tissues, or organs, and any other temperature/humidity sensitive assets can be critical to operations as well as the well-being of people. If compromised, spoilage or temperature and humidity breaches can cost millions of dollars and a single breach can destroy a business or hospital’s reputation, endanger lives, and jeopardize long-term research programs. Even with the risks involved, many organizations still rely on clip-boards to manually document temperature, which is labor-intensive and error-prone.

AiRISTA Flow offers a time-series dashboard view for temperature and humidity data in their software platforms. The active RFID tags have battery-powered sensors placed inside refrigerators that help to prevent breaches by texting AiRISTA Flow RTLS badge tags and sending email notifications when temperature or humidity exceeds software-programmed thresholds.

Custom solutions from the AiRISTA Flow suite of offerings help
allow organizations to:

  • Ensure patient, customer, or staff safety and minimize risk
  • Minimize food spoilage
  • Protect valuable consumables by alerting staff before temperature breaches occur
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and documentation without manual logs and human error
  • Help staff and workers to focus on core job activities instead of documentation
  • Automate Joint Commission and FDA compliance documentation without manual logs
  • Maximize the lifespan of blood, medication and tissue by monitoring target environmental conditions
  • Automate humidity monitoring in ORs to reduce infection risks

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