Hand Hygiene Joint Commission 2018 Requirement

New Hand Hygiene 2018 requirements by the Joint Commission are aimed at protecting patients and providers. Effective January 1, 2018, for all accreditation programs, any observation by surveyors of individual failure to perform hand hygiene in the process of…

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Work smarter, not harder – RTLS provides the visibility needed to enhance hospital asset tracking

The healthcare industry has gone through a significant technological transformation in recent years. Hospitals, clinics, and physician offices have integrated modern information technology tools into a sector that has long been conservative on that front. Healthcare companies may have plenty of…

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A look at hand hygiene in the ER

The emergency room is, understandably, often a hectic, chaotic place. When emergencies strike and lives need saving, clinical staff must move quickly and decisively to action. A recent study published in the Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology journal found that more…

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Location tracking tools empower food service companies to ramp up hand hygiene efforts

Hand hygiene is imperative in the food service sector. ServSafe regulations and similar measures aside, a recent study from the Deb Group found that foodborne diseases cause approximately 420,000 deaths annually, Food Quality News reported. Furthermore, the Deb Group estimates…

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Quick guide: Using RTLS technologies to support BI in healthcare

Big data creates incredible innovation opportunities in healthcare. Hospitals can use analytics tools to identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency and patient care. However, data needs to be put into context, which is where tools supporting efforts for BI…

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