Innovative Possibilities

Authorize admittance

  • Zone entry or exits can enable access permissions for staff, for example: based on the proximity of personnel wearing an AIRISTA Flow tag, a door or cabinet may unlock or open.
  • Zone entry or exits can enable access permissions for visitors/guest/patients, for example: based on the proximity of a patient with dementia wearing an AIRISTA Flow tag, an exit door they approach can be locked to prohibit them from wandering.

Automate manufacturing

  • Zone entry or exits can enable process routing for tagged assets, for example: a construction in progress component can be routed to an assembly department based on its status, temperature, or location.

Trigger third-party alarms

  • Silent or audible alarms with third-party systems can be triggered using AiRISTA Flow button presses or simply based on the location of an AiRISTA Flow Wi-Fi tag.

Customize experiences

  • View custom data on a display screen based on the presence of a tagged individual, for example: when a nurse enters a patients room, have their name and credentials appear on a LCD monitor.
  • Reconfigure Wi-Fi enabled items based on proximities or temperatures for example, when a worker enters an area, change the lighting or temperature of the room, raise/lower equipment to a defined height, or even trigger audible devices on/off.

Reinforce security with automation

  • Re-angle security cameras based on the location of specific tagged assets or individuals on a premise.
  • Initiate lockdown procedures based on predefined signals through specialized configurations.

Enhance operational efficiency

  • Automatically create work orders and POs in ERP or EHR systems based on the status, temperature, or location of a tagged item/person.
  • Automatically place orders based on predefined threshold breaches, for example: when inventory of tagged items deplete, an order can be placed in an inventory management system (IMS) with no manual keying.

AiRISTA Flow works with a wide variety of integrators, manufacturers, and clients around the world to enable connectivity between systems already in place and our platforms. Thanks to the open development idealogy in place at AiRISTA Flow, our systems have been integrated with systems from the following:

    • 1 Tag Brazil
    • Cisco
    • Impinj, Inc.
    • Ascom (Sweden)
    • Lexmark International, Inc.
    • Austco Communication Systems
    • RetailNext, Inc.
    • CompuNet Inc.
    • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
    • Connexall
    • Shipcom Wireless
    • Ericsson
    • Unify
    • Honeywell International Inc.
    • Xacom, Pty Ltd.
    • Houle Electric Ltd.
    • Xirrus, Inc.