The surgical center at Capio St. Göran Hospital is one of the most profitable units in the hospital. However, bottlenecks in the process create inefficiencies and negatively impact patient satisfaction. Waiting areas become congested as arriving patients are told to wait until they are called. And wandering patients cause downstream delays as staff try to locate them.

To address patient flow bottlenecks, arriving patients are assigned an AiRISTA B4n RTLS patient tag when they register. Patients are free to move about the facility while they wait. Using existing wireless access point infrastructure, the patient’s location can be determined at any moment. From the administrator’s console, custom messages are sent to the patient’s B4n RTLS tag notifying the patient when its their turn to be seen and the location. The patient tags are collected before the surgical procedure and returned to the admissions desk.

Mats Brunnberg-Wernqvist at St Göran says that the hospital RTLS solution works very well and they feel that the patient flow to surgery has improved.

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