AiRISTA’s New Center of Excellence Welcomes Partners & Customers

AiRISTA’s new Center of Excellence is now open. The AiRISTA COE is a state of the art demo facility to showcase the breadth of AiRISTA’s portfolio in action. It serves multiple purposes including customer demos for in-person and remote attendees and functions as a meeting space. The COE is also setup as an integration and test center.

AiRISTA Center of Excellence intro by Sy Sajjad

This allows AiRISTA to test compatibility of new releases against our wireless infrastructure partners and third party application providers. The center also welcomes partners who are interested in integrating with AiRISTA’s portfolio in a living lab environment.

Healthcare specific demos are the first to be built out. Demos for other industries like manufacturing are in the works. The healthcare demo follows a patient through a typical hospital journey. From registration, to boarding, to discharge, we examine opportunities for AiRISTA’s RTLS technology to facilitate workflows and drive capacity.

AiRISTA Center of Excellence demo with integrated video
AiRISTA Center of Excellence remote demo capability

As part of the staff safety scenario, we demonstrate building system integration. Using a BLE tag and angle-of-arrival location technology, we direct a spotlight to the exact location of a duress event to less than 1 meter of accuracy. AiRISTA’s real time response includes not only alerting responders but allows control of door locks, sirens, lights, and data pushed to displays.

Computer vision is one of the integrations developed in the COE. In this case, we leverage a Meraki camera that hosts Cogniac software. Cogniac provides a unique approach to developing video recognition models. We take a series of photos of the intended objects and push them to the Cogniac cloud.

AiRISTA Center of Excellence demo with Cogniac
Sofia integration with computer vision

Once in the cloud, we distinguish target objects in each image between those we are interested in and those that are not. Cogniac’s analysis of the of the objects we distinguish results in an AI module that is pushed to the camera and run locally. One model developed distinguished between boxes of Advil and boxes of Tylenol.

The COE is also used to stage quick technology demonstrations for specific customer scenarios. Demonstrations of hand hygiene is a good example. Because each customer environment uses different dispensers and require different employee protocols, AiRISTA can quickly recreate the customer’s specific situation, prove that the solution works, and share a lie demo with the customer. In one scenario the customer had a challenging requirement they referred to as “drive by” where clinicians grabbed a dispense while walking quickly by. With a tweak to the firmware on AiRISTA’s sensor in the dispenser, we were able to demonstrate a solution. Once proven, the updated firmware was pushed over the air to the sensors in the customer’s environment.

AiRISTA’s center of excellence is well suited for both in person and remote demos. We are continuously updating it with new demos and technologies. If you are a customer, ecosystem partner, or integrator, we encourage you to book time with us. Please contact us at

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