Customer Service


We partner with you to ensure success – as you define it. We pride ourselves on a consultative approach and put quality first. Your satisfaction with the AiRISTA RTLS is our utmost concern and the AiRISTA System Health Check is our way to provide you with the best possible service in order to ensure the RTLS meets your long-term goals

Commitment to Customer Service

The Customer Assurance team at AiRISTA will evaluate your services needs, marshal the right resources and ensure follow through.
  • Customer discovery
  • Best practice sharing
  • Architecture & design
  • Deployment
  • Testing & troubleshooting
  • Training and documentation
  • System operation and handoff
  • Quarterly check-ins for continuous improvement


Avoid the trap of RTLS solutions that fail to deliver. When AiRISTA customers deploy a solution, it begins an engagement that grows in a continuous virtuous cycle.


Customer Discovery & Best Practice Sharing

Each project receives professional project management from start to finish, on site so that your projects are on time and on budget. We do all the work so you don’t have to.

On-site facility walk-throughs to determine initial requirements and assess your WLAN RF environment (RSSI) with heat maps and RTLS readiness analysis.

Site Survey Validation Services

We are happy to now offer Wi-Fi site survey validation services. Need to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi or understand signal strengths in an area of your facility? Let us do the work for you!

When operations rely on Wi-Fi, network downtime can disruptive. When disruptions become regular and your usual tricks don’t fix it, you know the problem is bigger. Maybe there’s interference in your facility, maybe an AP is damaged, maybe someone applied changes that your administrators don’t have documented. Whatever the problem, our Wi-Fi engineers can come onsite and evaluate your network signals to help you identify and solve problem spots. We’ll leave behind heatmaps and other details so you can better maintain solid connectivity that helps to keep your operations running smoothly.

AiRISTA partners with Wi-Fi equipment manufacturers, individual business, and other business to offer ongoing support for all of your site survey and validation service needs. Together, we’ll come with a program that gives you access to some of the best Wi-Fi engineers available to conduct assessments. Contact us today.

Architecture & Deployment

Maps & Floorplans Are At The Heart Of Our Location Tracking

A. Blueprints are obtained for accurate location mapping within the AiRISTA system.

B. We load each blueprint/floor plan map from your
facility dynamically into our system in a matter of minutes.

C. Location tracking tags are tested on site and activated over the air.

D. Business logic inside of our software platforms help you track and measure what’s important to you, quickly querying and reporting the results so you have business intelligence that’s actionable


Testing, Training, Support

Contact Our 24 Hour Support Desk

With customer deployments worldwide, AiRISTA offers 24 hour customer support. Open tickets online, or talk with a representative directly. We provide real time visibility to the latest status of your issue and escalations. For more information contact our Support team at

The AiRISTA Certified RTLS Engineer (ACRE)

Comprehensive four-day RTLS workshop to cover all aspects of the solution, including implementation approach, conceptual overview, AiRISTA RTLS Controller, AiRISTA Calibration Tool, Activator, Wi-Fi Tags, Vision, and troubleshooting. Solution best practices and documentation provided. Priced on a Per Seat basis.


UCE Certification Class

The UCE Certification Class encompasses UVS certification. Comprehensive four-day UVS workshop to cover all aspects of the solution, including implementation approach, conceptual overview, software/hardware requirements, Administrative console, UVS GUI, Xpert Console, RTLS Management Studio (Calibration), Tag Activation, BLE Devices, and Hands-on Lab. Solution best practices and documentation provided. Priced on a Per Seat basis.

Operations & Check Points

Health Check Program

At AiRISTA , our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with the AiRISTA Real-Time Location System (RTLS) for staff safety alerting, asset and people tracking, advanced temperature monitoring, and other location-based services. The AiRISTA Health Check™ allows our professional services team to periodically assist with the hands-on management and maintenance of your RTLS system and ensures that your system operates at peak performance over time.

  • Our engineers work on-site at your facility, alongside your team, creating targeted action plans that optimize your RTLS deployment and address outstanding issues.
  • Our team also interacts with end-users to ensure that we gather and document feedback impacting future features and software releases.
The AiRISTA Health Check includes:
  • Project management and on-site consulting conducted by a certified AiRISTA Flow Solutions Engineer
  • Software upgrades and configuration services
  • A Health Check™ ”Read-Out” Report
  • Keep your RTLS in Optimal Operational Configuration
  • Proactively Identify Needs & Reduce Support Calls
  • Improve User Satisfaction
  • Grow and Extend System ROI.