The Genius Behind AiRISTA RTLS Solutions

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Software Platform

UVS Prepares for a World of Things

“By 2025, 40% or nearly 890 million of new Internet of Things (IoT) “things” will know their location, up
from under 10% today.”    – Gartner

Unified Vision Solution

AiRISTA UVS Software Architecture

IOT Architecture

The UVS software platform is based on microservices with exposed APIs

The broker based streaming architecture treats massive amounts of data as streams of events in real time

AiRISTA Software Machine Learning

AI & ML Ready

Written in the language "Go"
Results in containerization of compiled modules
Facilitates streaming machine interfaces
Python friendly for AI pattern matching

AiRISTA Flow Studio Low-code Integration Env

Flow Studio

Low-code integration studio
Drag & drop workflow creation
Canned connectors to 3rd party
Error checking
Code window - custom edits
Library of community contribution

AiRISTA Software Edge Computing

Edge Computing

UVS components execute at the edge
Creation & management of code containers
Real time edge-based ETL
E.g. run on a Raspberry Pi or embed in 3rd party network gateways

AiRISTA UVS Over the Air Control of Tags

Management & Debug

Scan, point & click for device assignment and placement
Stream capture and logging of data from tags
Remote location confirmation of infrastructure components 
Test & verification of workflows
Health monitoring of devices

Hospital Emergency Room

Location Engines

RSSI trilateration and fingerprinting)
Proximity: BLE, Wi-Fi, pRFID, IR
AoA: submeter & Z-plane
Phase Based Ranging: submeter accuracy
ToF & TDoA: 20cm acc. (UWB)

Sensor Combinations & Integrations

High-value Results Combine Multiple Solutions

AiRISTA infrastructure turns location insights into a basic attribute of people and things in an increasingly mobile world.


Technology combinations provide continuous insight
  • Wi-Fi + BLE + Infrared +
  • GPS + Cellular + Satellite +
  • Passive RFID + Batteryless BLE
  • Firmware embedding: mobile phone becomes a tag


Continuous improvements in accuracy, distance, cost, battery life and vertical tracking
  • BLE Angle of Arrival
  • BLE High Accuracy Distance Measurement
  • Wi-Fi 6


Conditions change as resources move
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Vibration/motion
  • Recording, reporting, excursion alerts


Take action when intervention is required
  • Tag buttons + text display + LEDs + buzzer + vibration
  • Interact with local devices (e.g. speakers & displays)
  • Event recording & playback
an illustration of an alarm clock


Complex use cases require multiple inputs and controls
  • Voice assistants for hands free
  • Computer vision + location
  • Building control systems: locks, cameras, lights, etc. 
  • Web input (e.g. weather)
an illustration of a gear


Complement, extend, refine your existing wireless infrastructure
  • AoA + HADM BLE gateways
  • Wi-Fi <> BLE gateways
  • BLE beacons
  • Use your access point as an IOT Gateway
an illustration of a head with a question

Patent Portfolio

AiRISTA’s Commitment to R&D

AiRISTA makes disproportional investments to R&D.  The depth and breadth of the resulting patent portfolio, including essential patents,  helps protect customers’ investments in a increasingly litigious world.

Patent Sign

US Patents

  • 7,228,136 Location estimation in wireless telecomm networks
  • 7,349,683 Sequence-based positioning technique
  • 7,196,662 Probabilistic model for a positioning technique
  • 7,209,752 Error estimate concerning a target device’s location 
  • 8,270,994 Applications of signal quality observations
  • 7,299,059 Positioning technique
  • 7,149,531 Location applications for wireless networks
  • 8,265,656 Positioning technique
  • 7,904,097 Location determination techniques
  • 8,456,364 Positioning of mobile objects based on mutually transmitted signals
  • 10,152,874 Processing alert signals from positioning devices
  • 10,397,732 Positioning tag with alert function
  • 10,657,793 Processing alert signals from positioning devices
  • 11,202,185 Positioning tag with alert function

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