innovative automated system

New 2018 Compliance Laws take effect! Hospital-based studies have shown that noncompliance with hand hygiene practices is directly linked with healthcare-associated infections and has been a major contributor to outbreaks. Healthcare-associated infections affecting millions every year have outlined hospitals’ dire needs for robust and innovative automated systems to capture personnel compliance or breach of institution’s hand hygiene protocols.

The food services industry requires that both their kitchen and serving staff maintain proper hand hygiene. The FDA helps to ensure that food services employees clean their hands in an approved hand washing station immediately before engaging in food preparation. AiRISTA Flow’s hand hygiene solutions help to guarantee the effective meeting of FDA regulations, required by law.

How AiRISTA Flow Hand Hygiene Solutions Work

  • Staff member badges identify personnel in proximity of a hand washing station.
  • A subsequent verification of the usage of the soap dispenser within allotted time confirms the “compliant status” for the same staff member.
  • Compliance tracking readers relay this time-critical hand hygiene data to AiRISTA Flow servers for evaluation, processing, historical recording,
    and compliance reporting.
  • Reporting requirements are simplified to help meet internal and regulatory compliance.

Solution Benefits

  • Notifies compliance administrators in real-time of non-compliance incidents
  • May be used to trace and report potential sources of viruses or infection
    transfers to possibly reduce spread
  • Simplifies enforcement of hand hygiene policies to better cope with liabilities In Hospitals
  • Enhances patients’ safety and offers a better quality of care
  • Alerts caregivers to their non-compliant status and provides opportunity for corrective action prior to providing care