As AI “crosses the chasm”, there is a danger that the hype exaggerates the ability of the RTLS platform to deliver. Some vendors are making general AI claims completely unrelated to any RTLS technology in their platform. Misrepresenting AI capabilities risks damping the enthusiasm of AI-assisted RTLS and delay its evolution. Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Healthcare Providers 2023 (Andrew Meyer, Roger Benn) positions many AI technologies to the right of the “trough of disillusionment” where “the innovation does not live up to its overinflated expectations, it rapidly becomes unfashionable.”

AI capabilities can and should be built into the heart of the RTLS platform. Through AI, RTLS solutions will overcome many of the past challenges, ease of use, location accuracy, manageability, etc. But the real business value to RTLS platforms will be unleashed as they leverage the next-generation AI models and applications. Many of these AI engines are hitting the market now that the infrastructure is in place that has been driven by the chip-buying frenzy.

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