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BlogJanuary 3, 2020

Sealed Asset

The sleek Sealed Asset tag is an active location tracking tag that operates over standards-based, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi or BLE networks. This tag enables location tracking of any asset or object. Because the Sealed Asset tag operates on standard networks,…


1-Button Asset

The 1-Button Asset tag is designed to monitor assets within a Wi-Fi or BLE network environment. It offers multiple options to generate alerts on environmental and condition sensing. With a small yet rugged water-resistant form factor, the 1-Button Asset…


Rugged Asset

The Rugged Asset tag is ideally suited for tracking assets in harsh or outdoor environments using your existing Wi-Fi network. The Rugged Asset provides location intelligence as part of AiRISTA’s end-to-end RTLS platform. Wi-Fi and BLE are standard…


Square BLE Asset

The Square BLE Asset tag is a small form factor BLE tag. With breakthroughs in cost, longevity, and distance, this tag opens exciting use cases across multiple industries. The low price point means thousands of assets are now easy…


Advanced Wrist Personnel

The wearable Advanced Wrist Personnel tag features vibration-based alerting and two colored LEDs that signal events to the tag wearer. Users can request help or acknowledge calls conveniently on a comfortable, rechargeable, water-resistant tag designed to be worn like…


BLE Personnel

The BLE Personnel tag is a small form factor BLE tag used to track personnel with improvements in cost, longevity, and distance. The tag is also a BLE receiver and scans for neighboring beacons, facilitating use cases that associate…


BLE Temp & Humidity

The BLE Temp & Humidity tag is a small form factor BLE tag. This tag offers many use cases across industries with features that offer greater longevity and improved distance capability. A low price point makes it easy and…


1-Button Temp

Designed for monitoring and logging the temperature of assets, the 1-Button Temperature tag features sensors that can be utilized for temperature, humidity, and related factors for different asset types. It’s innovative, robust, and cost-effective for environmental condition monitoring. Through…


1-Button Temperature Sensor with Probe

AiRISTA’s 1-Button temperature Sensor with Probe is designed for monitoring and logging high temperature and ultra low temperatures. It offers multiple sensors which can be utilized for humidity, different asset types, or temperature ranges. Utilizing advanced wireless network…


Reference Beacon

AiRISTA’s Reference Beacon Units (RBU) are designed to wirelessly provide location reference data to AiRISTA’s family of active RFID and


LB2 Infrared Reference Beacon

The AiRISTA LB2 refines the location accuracy to levels previously only available with expensive, proprietary systems that require wiring new infrastructure. For the typical hospital environment, the beacons provide highly reliable room- and bed-level accuracy in any areas…


Proximity Sensing Unit

AiRISTA’s Proximity Sensor Units (PSU) are designed to listen for Blue Tooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons and transmit the observed beacons data to the AiRISTA UVS server for proximity detection. Power is provided over Ethernet (PoE) and…