SPARKS, Md., April 21, 2020 /PRNewswire

AiRISTA has developed a Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Solution designed for the workplace. The solution helps enforce distancing guidelines and maintains a record of interactions. With this solution, employers have a tool to help return people to the workplace safely where interactions are unavoidable.

The AiRISTA Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Solution uses a wireless device worn by employees to help enforce the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing and automates contact tracing. The tag is worn as a wrist strap, pendant or key fob and detects proximity of other tags. When people come within six feet of each other for a period of time, the device makes an audible chirp and a record of the contact is made in the AiRISTA software system. The tag functionality is also available as a smart phone application.

“Until there is a vaccine for the coronavirus, social distancing will be required as we get back to work and try to return to some level of normalcy”, according to Sy Sajjad, CEO of AiRISTA. “And for those not yet immune, contact tracing is needed to help prevent flare ups.”

The AiRISTA cloud-based software system can be deployed quickly to collect interactions and manage the tags. Triggers for tag distances and event durations are configurable. The software system maintains reports of contacts and provides historical tracing of those contacts. Platform analytics provide a view into behavior trends, the effectiveness of remediation attempts, and reports at individual, group and departmental levels. For details see the solution brief.

Tags communicate with the software platform using existing wireless infrastructure, employees’ smart phones, or small gateways provided by AiRISTA Flow. The system can integrate securely with government and agency databases. Other modules available for the AiRISTA software platform include Staff Safety, Hand Hygiene, Asset Tracking and Environmental Condition Monitoring.

“We are expanding relationships with State and Federal governments,” says Sajjad, “and will actively engage in ecosystems like those that Apple and Google are creating.”

AiRISTA Location Services Solutions, are the heart of some of the world’s largest deployments representing over 100,000 customer end points as well as demanding environments like the California Department of State Hospitals, the US Defense Health Service, and Fortune 500 companies.