March 3, 2016 – Sparks, MD – AiRISTA, an AiRISTA affiliate company and the world leader in true Wi-Fi enabled location services and workflow software solutions, announced today the acquisition of Ekahau RTLS (Reston, VA) and Ekahau RTLS International (Helsinki, Finland.)

With innovative products and patented technologies, Ekahau is well-known around the world for providing superior solutions for forward thinking organizations in the healthcare industry and in many other industries. Ekahau CEO Michel Wendell explains, “During the past 15 years, Ekahau has built a very strong presence in the RTLS space as well as in the Wi-Fi network design and optimization market. We are thrilled to have met AiRISTA who, with their current business offerings and outlook, is a great match for Ekahau RTLS and its customer base, and to take the RTLS solutions to the next level. Ekahau ESS will continue to operate as an independent company focusing on its own market.”

AiRISTA will continue to offer the current Ekahau RTLS products and fully support the Ekahau RTLS customer base. The company intends to expand these offerings through the integration of the existing AiRISTA and Ekahau platforms.

AiRISTA will assume responsibility for the ongoing servicing of the Ekahau RTLS customer base, worldwide. Ryan Madigan, AiRISTA President, will assume operational control of Ekahau RTLS and lead the business both in the US and Finland.

“The RTLS market is at a point where some consolidation is needed to drive standardization and further innovation,” states Madigan. He adds, “Combining the Wi-Fi locating and software capabilities of Ekahau RTLS and AiRISTA will lead to the continued creation of highly refined, innovative products intended to address business issues our customers face.”

“We are very pleased to welcome the Ekahau RTLS team and customer base into the AiRISTA family,” announced AiRISTA CEO Sy Sajjad. “Ekahau RTLS has earned a well-deserved, excellent reputation in the market for providing innovative solutions to their customers. We see the combination of talent and technology between Ekahau RTLS and AiRISTA as an exciting platform for continued growth and look forward to working with the Ekahau RTLS team and customer base.”

AiRISTA develops and manufactures leading Identification & Track and Trace solutions using passive, active, and semi-active RFID, RTLS, GPS, and other technologies. AiRISTA’s industry-based solutions are robust and comprehensive enabling increased visibility, security, and safety of mission critical assets and personnel. Business process automation is enabled with full integration of AiRISTA’s Business Rule Engine (BRE), GIS, and messaging platforms.

Ekahau is the global leader in Wi-Fi network design tools, from WLAN network planning to site surveys and troubleshooting. Ekahau’s Wi-Fi tools are used by the leading Wi-Fi infrastructure vendors, systems integrators, and telecom operators as well as thousands of network administrators to minimize network deployment time and ensure sufficient wireless network performance and capacity.

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