Work smarter, not harder – RTLS provides the visibility needed to enhance hospital asset tracking

The healthcare industry has gone through a significant technological transformation in recent years. Hospitals, clinics, and physician offices have integrated modern information technology tools into a sector that has long been conservative on that front. Healthcare companies may have plenty of advanced technologies in place, but those innovations are usually tied directly to medical care, not IT systems. Security, reliability, and cost concerns are prompting the sector to try and catch up with the latest IT solutions such as hospital asset tracking solutions.

All told, hospitals are now in a situation where they have a lot of technology – both medical and IT in nature – and they face a considerable operational burden trying to manage all of these assets while maximizing their value. Hospitals must continually keep tabs on emergency kits, electronic medical carts, pharmaceutical assets, and other portable items.

This adds up to create a situation in which hospitals require visibility into their assets at all times, and a real-time location tracking system can prove invaluable there.

“Hospitals require visibility into their assets at all times”

Preventing loss and theft
Medical equipment and portable IT solutions are extremely valuable for hospitals – and to potential thieves. Loss and theft are a major challenge for hospitals as they integrate new technologies into their operations. Clinical staff can’t spend all their time monitoring equipment – they have patients to care for. An RTLS platform can not only track assets, but also send automated alerts based on business rules such as when they leave designated areas or can no longer be found in an area covered by a Wi-Fi network. This lets your personnel identify theft quickly and track down items that have been misplaced, but are still in the hospital.

Optimize asset management
How often do each of your assets get used? Do you have too many pieces of one type of equipment being stored for emergency use? Not enough of another? For a long time, hospitals have needed to estimate how many backup items is enough and try to track usage through anecdotal data. The asset tracking capabilities of an RTLS platform let you identify how frequently items are used, where they are put into action, and when. This lets you optimize your asset purchasing, ensuring you buy items for active use and backup functions in the precise quantities you need.

Avoid damages
Some assets, particularly pharmaceutical materials, can be damaged if they are not stored under specific conditions. Temperature monitors built into advanced RTLS solutions alert you when conditions in a storage area are not adequate for the materials in place there, helping you eliminate any potential damages to your assets.

The influx of new technologies has left hospitals with more assets to manage on an ongoing basis. Location technologies for hospital asset tracking empower healthcare organizations to get smarter about how they manage assets, letting them optimize how they handle technologies without having to work harder along the way.