HealthCheck program

Every smart investment deserves a check-in and tune-up to stay at peak performance. The HealthCheck program is available to AiRISTA Flow RTLS customers who are active on a support plan. Enrollment in the HealthCheck program provides you with a convenient, two-day, annual check-up with our professional service team and is loaded with more special benefits.

From implementation, we will work on-site at your facility, alongside your team, creating targeted action plans that optimize your RTLS deployment and address outstanding issues. The HealthCheck program is an easy way to keep your system set up for success in the long term. Our team also interacts with end users to ensure that we gather and document feedback impacting future features and software releases, which will be addressed at your scheduled HealthCheck visits. So don’t worry – we’ll do all of the work for you, guaranteeing system optimization.

The AiRISTA Flow Health Check includes:
  • Two days of onsite services annually
  • Project management and onsite consulting conducted by a certified AiRISTA Flow systems engineer
  • Software upgrades and configuration services
  • An exclusive discount when you decide to service or grow your solution.
Why Enroll in AiRISTA Flow RTLS Health Check?
  • Keep your RTLS in Optimal Operational Configuration
  • Proactively Identify Needs & Reduce Support Calls
  • Improve User Satisfaction
  • Grow and Extend System ROI.

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