School System Uses Location-Based Alerting to Protect Staff and Students

AiRISTA Flow Wi-Fi-based real-time location badges with 2-way messaging reduce emergency response times.

Tragically, random school violence such as shootings have become commonplace, shaking the confidence of communities, students, teachers and parents everywhere. Many school systems are actively seeking new ways to keep staff and students visible during emergencies and communicate in times of crisis, without resorting to invasive surveillance technologies or restrictive school policies. Schools want to respond faster to emergencies and minimize the loss of life, while deterring violence.

After a devastating school shooting in Germany, claiming 16 lives, the Friedrich-von-Canitz School implemented the AiRISTA Flow safety alert solution using real-time location technology over Wi-Fi. The AiRISTA FlowReal-Time Location System’s (RTLS) school safety solution works along with MI-Motion Guard® product by how to organize GmbH to ensure that staff and students are visible without the use of manual map look-ups. The solution allows security teams to send and receive emergency alerts indicating the location of a shooter or emergency by leveraging the school’s existing Wi-Fi network without additional, dedicated cabling infrastructure. All notifications and location information is displayed on the AiRISTA Flow badge LED, worn by security and staff.
Why Choose AiRISTA Flow for School Safety Alerting?

The AiRISTA Flow  RTLS solution goes beyond conventional voice-activated alert systems that lack location visibility or require voice prompts and manual map look-ups. If an emergency occurs, students and staff simply pull down on their AiRISTA Flow safety badge which automatically sends an alert to a pre-determined list of security and police professionals in the vicinity. The AiRISTA Flow safety alert solution allows emergency responders to accurately pinpoint the location of students and staff via LED screens with scrolling text, on AiRISTA Flow badges. Any student or staff member carrying an AiRISTA Flow Wi-Fi badge can send and receive text-based messages using their badge or send alerts to pre-determined email addresses.

The AiRISTA Flow UVS™ location analytics software also shows security and police the mapped location and name of students and staff, via web browser (i.e. John Smith, Blumberg School, Classroom 8), helping to reduce response times.

Timing is critical in an emergency and shorter response times can mean the difference between life and death. Utilizing a school’s existing Wi-Fi network, AiRISTA Flow’s solution reduces risk and improves emergency communications and management. With AiRISTA Flow RTLS, schools are safer for everyone, giving parents, educators and administrators peace of mind knowing that children are secure and visible anywhere on campus.

Egbert Rettig, a teacher of Friedrich-von-Canitz school, notes, “In exceptional situations, it is important that authorities and persons concerned get informed quickly, especially about the state of [an emergency]. With the newly installed [AiRISTA Flow and MI-Motion Guard®] tracking system that is no longer a problem.”

“With all of the recent violence-related school tragedies in the headlines, real-time location alert solutions can offer peace of mind to those individuals who take care of our children,” said Sy Sajjad, President and CEO of AiRISTA Flow.