King Hamad U. Hospital Drives Efficiency by Tracking Staff, Patients and Equipment


1,200 asset tags reduce time spent searching for equipment
Wristband tags ensure patients are visible while ambulatory
Security is alerted before medication cabinet keys are lost or stolen
70 refrigerator tags report temperature breaches in real-time

The state-of-the art, 311-bed King Hamad University Hospital (KHUH) in the Kingdom of Bahrain has been called the most technologically advanced hospital in the Middle East. In 2012, the high-tech hospital’s reputation was solidified when it won Computer News Middle East’s CNME award for “Healthcare Deployment of the Year” for its use of real-time location technology.

In 2011, KHUH began investigating the use of location technology (RFID, RTLS) to help caregivers locate critical assets, thereby minimizing time spent searching for lost and misplaced equipment. The hospital also realized that it could use the same Wi-Fi-based AiRISTA Flow Real-Time Location System(RTLS) to track patients, staff, ensure secure handling of medications and to monitor refrigeration temperatures in order to prevent blood and tissue spoilage. KHUH’s CIO retained Bahrain systems integrator Azimuth Gulf who deployed the Azimuth Symphony solution which ensures that AiRISTA Flow RTLS location data is integrated with KHUH’s Indra patient-management software, Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and Infor enterprise asset management software.

Azimuth Gulf and its offshore partner, MCT India, designed KHUH’s AiRISTA Flow RTLS for asset, patient tracking and temperature sensing, using AiRISTA Flow Wi-Fi tags and AiRISTA FlowRTLS software. Today KHUH leverages 1,200 AiRISTA Flow asset tags to locate IV pumps, ultrasound equipment and wheelchairs, using the hospital’s existing Wi-Fi network. The AiRISTA Flowsystem locates equipment within approximately 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) of its actual location, without any additional, cabled infrastructure. Nurses simply log into the system and search for the nearest item using the Symphony software which screens out items in need of maintenance. When equipment requires maintenance, staff simply press the AiRISTA Flow tag button, which automatically sends a repair work order to maintenance staff. And for added security, AiRISTA Flow asset tags are attached to keys unlocking controlled substance cabinets so that Symphony can alert security before keys leave hospital grounds.

AiRISTA Flow RTLS and Symphony also enable staff and patient tracking at KHUH. Each employee wears an AiRISTA Flow staff badge tag for real-time tracking, campus-wide. And when patients are admitted, a bar-code number is attached to their paperwork and linked to an AiRISTA Flow wristband tag worn by the patient, while ambulatory. Lastly, KHUH uses 70 AiRISTA Flow TS-1 wireless temperature sensing tags in its kitchen and morgue refrigeration units so that Symphony software can alert maintenance if the pre-set temperature goes above acceptable levels.

With AiRISTA Flow RTLS and Symphony, KHUH is driving operational efficiency, improving patient experience and re-defining healthcare management.