Production information

While many applications of RFID in the manufacturing and warehousing industries have been driven by external mandates, organizations are now realizing the true value of a real-time location technology that can provide visibility of any object on the shop/warehouse floor to internal information systems. They can also increase production activity, trace parts history, and apply location intelligence to numerous other applications as needed. AiRISTA’s Business Rule Engine (BRE) can be used to automate processes that trigger shipments or receive material by converting RFID data into actionable business process. AiRISTA Flow’s solutions provide organizations with a single, accurate view of their manufacturing processes and warehouse operations enabling optimization of production capacity from raw materials through final product.

Staff Safety and Lone Worker Solutions

Safety protocols are an important part of preventing accidents and harmful situations from ever occurring. Sometimes, mistakes happen and your workers become victims in seemingly safe environments. By making AiRISTA Flow RTLS part of your safety plan, you can get instant visibility into the location of endangered workers via your web browser.

Custom alerts and notifications, audible or silent, plus adjustable zone configurations for AiRISTA Flow Wi-Fi tags give you the flexibility to meet unique safety demands.

Man Down Alerting

Every moment is critical when a workplace accident occurs. There’s no single solution to provide worker protection using video surveillance or radio communications alone. The best safety plans for industrial facilities are layered and include AiRISTA Flow RTLS for Wi-Fi duress with man-down alerting.

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