Better Safety and Security

The government’s use of RFID and related RTLS and AIDC technologies has been increasing as the benefits of enhanced visibility and accountability become more widely known. Government’s constituents are able to reap the rewards of this increased usage through better safety and security, higher quality goods, lower prices, and greater convenience. Popular applications include RFID access control, shipment tracking, RFID container tracking, GPS tracking, asset tracking and prisoner tracking.

From federal to local levels of government, the use of RFID is providing a growing benefit to the public. This includes tracking food supplies at the USDA to assets deemed critical at the DHS to locating fleet vehicles at the local Department of Public Works enabling a quicker response time to constituent complaints. AiRISTA Flow RTLS customers include the Veterans Administration (VA) VISN1, VISN10 and over 10 DoD hospitals covering all armed forces health facilities. AiRISTA Flow RTLS meets DoD RTLS requirements and has best-in-class partnerships with HP, IBM, SAIC and others.

AiRISTAFlow has developed security solutions utilizing biometrics, RFID, RTLS, GPS and other technologies that government agencies can deploy today. The comprehensive suite of RTLS solutions offered by AiRISTA Flow includes:

  • Access Control

  • Safety and Personnel Tracking

  • Electronic Monitoring for Criminal Justice and Corrections

  • Workflow & Process Automation

  • Shipment & Cargo Container Tracking

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