Instant Lifeline to Help


Too often, hotel housekeepers and other staff members find themselves in
difficult or threatening situations. Every minute counts during an emergency. Knowing the exact location of an individual can save lives by shortening emergency response times. AiRISTA Flow  RTLS’s Wi-Fi-based safety and security solution brings together real-time location awareness with two-way communications to keep staff visible indoors and outdoors, with an instant lifeline to help.

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AiRISTA Flow Hand Hygiene Compliance Solutions

With a rise in the transfer of viruses through food establishments, many businesses are seeking technology solutions to help them better ensure proper employee hand hygiene. Leveraging AiRISTA Flow Hand Hygiene Compliance Solutions, restaurants are better able to understand the frequency and location of hand washing events throughout their facilities. The dashboard reports and KPI measurements present in the user-friendly interface from AiRISTA Flow can be customized to meet the objectives of individual businesses.

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