Help protect the most valuable assets- your students and staff- with an instant life-line to help plus, innovate your entire campus.

Prioritize School Safety

With a variety of technologies available to enhance organizational operations, few solutions are capable of meeting such a wide variety of organizational objectives. AiRISTA  is proud to offer solutions that enhance the safety and security of the student population, help organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements, streamline operations, and help them to maximize the utilization of assets and resources.

RTLS solutions from AiRISTA integrate RFID and GPS technologies that can leverage existing infrastructures to offer real-time and sustained visibility into campus facilities and the utilization of moving assets.

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Go Beyond Security​

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AiRISTA’s solutions for child-care, preschool, K-12, and higher education were designed to support operational workers, administrative staff, educators, parents—and most importantly: the students and children.

As schools strive to protect students from violence, the reality is that anyone can enter schools unchallenged. With the RTLS location-based alert system from AiRISTA Flow, security teams and police instantly see the location of teachers and students wearing AiRISTA Flow Wi-Fi badges. Police can directly communicate with an injured party via 2-way text, receive alarms when visitors enter restricted zones and send directionally intelligent mass notifications directing people away from danger—without dependence on cellular networks or manual dialing.

AiRISTA Flow solutions help educational institutions to:

  • Automate student and staff Identification in facilities and on campus
  • Simplify meeting regulatory compliance requirements
  • Fleet management
  • Automate attendance, enforce policies and simplify reporting
  • Track student transportation fleet (school bus) and student bus ridership, enhanced student population safety
  • Track high-value mobile assets, maximize utilization, and avoid loss and theft
  • Track visitors and access, improve security

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