Wandering Management and Senior Living Solution

AiRISTA Flow’s MONITRAC Wandering Management Solution aims at providing effective solutions for senior citizen elopement. Senior citizen elopement is defined as senior citizens’ ability to leave their assisted living or nursing home without being detected. Elopement is increasingly dangerous because as the size of assisted living/nursing homes continues to grow, the seniors who leave can go undetected for hours before any of the care givers notice they are missing.

Temperature and Environmental Condition Monitoring & Reporting

AiRISTA Flow Wi-Fi tags equipped with temperature monitoring sensors are used to capture and log refrigeration units’ temperature data. AiRISTA Flow’s wireless Temperature Sensor tags provide continuous readings of the inside temperature at predetermined frequencies with accuracy of up to 0.1 degree. These temperature tags utilize the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to track and transmit temperature data in real time for storing, processing, and out of range notifications/alerts as provisioned by the hospital to the AiRISTA Flow server.

Hospitals, clinical laboratories, and blood banks are subject to rigorous accreditation processes by the Joint Commission, FDA, CAP, AABB and various other agencies. Increased scrutiny for adherence to strict compliance standards, necessity to ensure safety and enhance quality of care, so the need to increase operational efficiencies has required healthcare providers to re-evaluate their existing processes. AiRISTA Flow’s temperature monitoring solutions simplify organizational processes for logging, monitoring, and tracking environmental data.

Many healthcare providers rely on the nursing lab and pharmacy staff to perform continuous logging and monitoring of environmental data for sensitive stored contents. These manual mechanisms are inherently unreliable, labor intensive, time consuming, and inefficient. Monitoring and logging the temperature, humidity, motion, and other environmental conditions of refrigerators, freezers, and coolers has never been easier with AiRISTA Flow. Reports on environmental conditions, anomalies, and deviations may be generated for any number of monitored storage units with a start and end date in industry standard formats to meet compliance reporting and auditing requirements. Scheduled reports such as monthly log reports can be sent via email automatically. Using advanced wireless network and sensor technologies, AiRISTA Flow offers innovative, robust, and cost-effective environmental condition monitoring solutions to healthcare providers.

Patient Flow

AiRISTA Flow’s Wi-Fi RTLS solution based on Active RFID and Wi-Fi technologies can be deployed to provide total patient and personnel visibility in virtually any healthcare environment. The key to increased patient throughput and productivity in various departments in healthcare facilities is to effectively streamline the flow of patients through the continuum of care. Utilizing existing Wi-Fi network infrastructures found in most hospitals, data from patients’ RFID enabled tags are collected by readers/sensors. This data may include patient tracking location, moves within departments, and departure as well as date and time of medical staff visits within the facilities.

Collected data throughout the patients’ journey brings unprecedented visibility into processes and can be used for reporting and billing or interfacing and feeding to external applications. AiRISTA Flow’s intuitive software user interface displays and provides a dynamic and real-time “picture” of the department and the whereabouts of the staff, patients, and equipment.

Patients, medical care personnel, administrative, and maintenance staff are all among the beneficiaries of AiRISTA Flow’s solutions. In addition to enhancing the safety and monitoring of patients, this ability to sense and obtain real-time location information on medical staff, valuable equipment, and supplies brings about tremendous financial and operational benefit.


Hospital-based studies have shown that noncompliance with hand hygiene practices is directly linked with health care-associated infections and has been a major contributor to outbreaks.

Healthcare associated infections affecting millions every year have outlined hospitals’ dire needs for robust and innovative automated systems to capture personnel compliance or breach of institutional hand hygiene protocols.


Material management, nursing staff, distribution, and transport services are among some of the hospital beneficiaries of management process automation and optimization. RTLS solutions from AiRISTA Flow, including track and trace capabilities and business process automation, offer healthcare clients the most comprehensive, enterprise-grade asset tracking solution in the marketplace.


Although supply-chain mandates and compliance requirements remain important industry factors in the increased demand for RFID technologies, better ways to manage complexity, cutting costs, and boosting productivity


The government’s use of RFID and related RTLS and AIDC technologies has been increasing as the benefits of enhanced visibility and accountability become more widely known