Hand Hygiene Joint Commission 2018 Requirement

New Hand Hygiene 2018 requirements by the Joint Commission are aimed at protecting patients and providers.

Effective January 1, 2018, for all accreditation programs, any observation by surveyors of individual failure to perform hand hygiene in the process of direct patient care will be cited as a deficiency resulting in a Requirement for Improvement (RFI) under Infection Prevention and Control (IC) Standard IC.02.01.01, EP 2

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly two million health care–associated infections (HAIs) occur across the United States healthcare system each year.* Many of these infections are transmitted by health care personnel.

As hand hygiene is widely known to be the most important intervention for preventing HAIs, The Joint Commission introduced NPSG.07.01.01 (“Comply with either the current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hand hygiene guidelines or the current World Health Organization hand hygiene guidelines”) in 2004.

NPSG.07.01.01 requires healthcare organizations to implement a hand hygiene program, set goals for improving compliance with the program, monitor the success of those plans, and steadily improve the results through appropriate actions.